Monday, June 22, 2015

Siavosh has already succeeded – Aftonbladet

“I’ll be anti-racists Zlatan”.
So he said to me once.
Now he’s there.
Siavosh Derakhti has to say In its Summer is so important that Barack Obama wanted to meet him personally when he was here.

As a seven year old he went patrol car for the first time.

As the age of ten he was drunk.

The 13-year-old, he tried drugs for the first time.

But the age of 22, he met US President for the first time, in an individual calls for a desire of Barack Obama himself.

Today, he is 23 years old and do – finally – his first Summer in P1.

Their own poignant story

Siavosh Derakhti have not lived very long, but his life story and his wisdom is fascinating.

It is his own poignant story he tells in its first summer.

About his education – Not the school, the ignored, he – without it on the street.

On the streets of Malmö, where he grew up, a Jew and a Roma who best friends.

hate and anger, he managed to turn into something positive.

If the exclusion from which it, eventually, was born a desire to change and do good.

He is the young Muslim fighting against xenophobia and anti-Semitism, which builds bridges between people and show the way towards Sweden and Europe – a world – where we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of background, color, religion or sexual orientation.

It is not without reason Siavosh, despite his young age – or perhaps because – has been praised in so many contexts.

Has received the Raoul Wallenberg Prize

He was the very first Raoul Wallenberg Prize 2013 – it was then that I came in contact with him the first time.

That’s when he said that about Zlatan.

Once Siavosh played football too, but luckily he put the shoes on the shelf – in football there is already a Zlatan.

And that is enough.

You need the best where you are, Siavosh.

Not only you and your parents can be proud of you today.

The rest of us too.

You’ve already managed.

You are already anti-racists Zlatan.


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