Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer in P1 24/6: Moraeus – Göteborgs-Posten

In its summer program questioning a self-ironic Moraeus celebrity hysteria and links the story of his life with music that requires “active listening”.

Prior to the program, appointed himself Moraeus to one of the world’s most uninteresting people. The beloved musician and presenter for including How will it sound is of course aware that this is a gross untruth, but his humility and self-mocking attitude, which the listeners get a hefty dose of, does not feel like an empty pose.

The music plays unsurprisingly a central role in the program and is fully integrated into the narrative. In Moraeus home it was obvious to socialize with many musical expression and the Beatles, Frank Zappa and classical music mixed with folk music who sat in the boy Kalle’s body and brain without the required any major innötning.

Although Moraeus says he’s not going to market as many opinions he still thinks a lot. In his subtle and simultaneously engaged way he questions the media climate that increasingly involves deleting the audience right way so people do not change the channel and he immerses himself in the consequences of today’s celebrity and idol hysteria. Health workers, teachers and local politicians are more worth the idol munity than “a little bald old man with a violin under his chin which opens loopholes in television,” he asserts with great firmness.

There will be a sympathetic and småroligt program that raises challenging issues about the prevailing spirit of the time.

The last sentence: Thanks and goodbye, liver paste!

Music Mirrors Moraeus allätarinställning: classic, yoik, jazz, rock, folk, pop and a summer hymn. Kebnekaise is obvious with – the band that became a turning point in the young Kalle’s life.

Summer Host 25/6: Terese Cristian son, journalist, foreign correspondent and author.


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