Saturday, June 13, 2015

So good was the Foo (t) Fighters at Ullevi – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg . Five plus?

Now, let’s not exaggerate here.

But fuck it.

This is still a classic.


Charles bastard fall off the stage.

Charles bastard falls really in the scene.

However, Unlike The Edge of U2 makes Dave Grohl it properly.

The middle of the second song misjudge a very flashover and adrenaline intoxicated frontman anything and plummeting headlong over the edge.

He disappears from the precipice that Goofy in a cartoon.

No taking anything, least of all the other band members. They look anxiously at each other while a small uproar caused by kravallstaktet.

The only thing you see is a broken guitar neck – and there can never be a good sign.

After a while, is Dave Grohl on a stretcher, get a microphone and announced politely that he indeed has broken his leg. It’s pretty bad. But he promises that he will pull to the illness and fix the bone and come back and continue to rock.

Did not they could continue

Now begins the real confusion.

The drummer Taylor Hawkins looks sad and explains that the Foo Fighters can not continue. They may come back some other time. But first, they play a few songs for the audience as a small compensation.

Foo Fighters plunging into a series of cover songs with Taylor on vocals. The pouring really with everything they have.

But the whole time running people up and whispers in the drummer’s ear.

His look is priceless. It looks something like this:

What? What’s going on? Que? Should we run a tune to? How long? What happens behind the scene, dude? Talk to me!

All hope of course somewhere to Grohl will recover and return.

During Queen Covern “Under Pressure” begins to move in the scenes.

Dave Grohl is carried out again on the stretcher and the audience fullkomligen explodes.

A stressed medic holds his feet and legs in a fixed position. If ever there was a moment that Instagram and social media invented it so.

Continues over two hours

Grohl placed on a chair and he not only continues. He continued for over two hours, plus VAT. What he goes on is a mystery. Morphine?

No, the concert is certainly not the best I’ve seen.

The air is finally discharged even Dave Grohl. Towards the end trampling several songs presented on dumb legs. It is as if the oxygen is not enough anymore.

But the question is if I have ever seen a crazier, more curious and more fun gig. The answer is probably no.

In the excitement after Grohls “comeback” it is as if the music is pushed out of a cannon. Cheered on by thousands of spectators who completely lost it pours Foo Fighters in violent amounts of energy in the songs. Dave Grohl screaming, if possible, even more and even better – he lifts almost from the ground where he sits and vibrate on his chair, with his foot at a right angle to your body.

It will be hard to forget versions of “The Pretender “and” All My Life “.

Or when Dave Grohl apologizes again and says that the doctor must GIPSA his legs. Or when he jumps on crutches to the smaller stage in the middle of the crowd and asking people to wait quarter when he will jump back again.

Or all shocked glances between band members. It looks as if they are constantly wondering if this will really hold?

Or why not finish the “Best of You”?

Will not see something like

The audience knows that they will not see anything like it again. They sing wordless melody long after the song ended. Dave Grohl tan on his face and body.

He must not put off now, he does not want to quit now, he’s happy.

Grohl says this is the sickest concert the craziest crowd in the band’s history. Then he screams the chorus of “Best of You” one last time until her voice cracks and must go ambulance.

And why not? Since “Everlong” kicked off the evening, he had time to be a world first.

Taylor Hawkins, who drummed up half ruined in 2 hours and 40 minutes, pick up the world’s broadest and most relieved grin when Foo Fighters waving goodbye.

He could only shake his head.

Markus Larsson puts on the Foo Fighters at Ullevi.


Foo Fighters assemble the brake pedals immediately and begins with an encore . Drummer Taylor Hawkins pound harder than the Hulk. A violent flashover Dave Grohl flying around in sixth gear at 290 km / h. It will punish himself …

Monkey Wrench

The middle of the song misjudge Dave Grohl stage and hoppramlar down from the edge. The band looks at each other and wondering what happened and interrupts to finish the song. Medics flock arrived at the riot fence. Dave has broken his leg and concert seems to be over. Taylor Hawkins says in principle that it is over.

Cold Day in the Sun

Foo Fighters announced they intend lira few songs without Dave, as compensation. They also say that they can not carry the show tonight.

Stay With Me

Taylor Hawkins is no Rod Stewart. But the tape running and jam Faces and classic rock as if nothing has happened. People run up and whispers in the drummer’s ear. He just looks puzzled, audiences continue to hope that Grohl will return in, say, a wheelchair.

Under Pressure

After a certain uproar worn Grohl on the scene again on a stretcher. It is possible for the audience.

Learn To Fly

While a medic sure that Dave’s legs and feet do not move a millimeter pumps Foo Fighters amazing adrenalin in the music.

Something from nothing

Foo still plays in shock.

The Pretender

Incomparable version. Grohl continues to blow himself up in his chair. The patient sees the doctor that the injured foot does not move a millimeter.

Miss you

Oh well. This Stones classic cope well, they did not. Little Mick Jagger karaoke while Dave Grohls injured leg plastered.

Tie Your Mother Down

Cover Hour continues. Grohl is still at an improvised emergency room backstage. Taylor Hawkins shouts himself hoarse to an old Queen original. No one seems to really know what’s going to happen again.

After the plaster

Schools Out

Motörhead-hard and short snippet of Alice Coopers juvenile serenade. A tribute to the schools closed for the summer.


The “plastered” version of the song is … staggering.


Ironic title, considering tonight fractures. But version is so light that it almost jumping out of his own skin and catch fire.

My Hero (acoustic)

Dave takes the crutches and a small office chair to the small stage in the middle. Unforgettable sing. The song dedicated medic who held his legs and feet in a locked position by the case.

Times like these (Acoustic)

Dave’s voice needs no crutches here either.

All My Life

Hardcore Riff meets radio station Bandit Rock. This music has a dynamic heat that is often missing on the discs.

These Days

“One of these days you break your fucking leg in a show in Sweden” … Well, thanks. Explosiveness around the show’s main props, the plastered foot, tarnishing not.


Clumsy porridge rock. Including a long guitar solo that is, well, more entertaining than good.


Dedicated to old fans. The concert is still suffering from lactic acid.

Big Me

Presented as a slow ballad. Sometimes, writes Dave Grohl songs that would have fit Weezer.

Enough space

Let the Foo Fighters wrote before their first gig in Sweden. The punk screams are the proceeds.


Heading Loose clatter.

Let there be rock

Nothing can compare with the original AC / DC and Bon Scott. But it must at least be the first time that the classic, including Angus Young’s blazing solos in the middle, essentially performed on a chair.

This is the call

“Start and stop” -energin hides almost to the song quality is lame.

The Best of You

Dave Grohl thank the audience for that they stayed and looked at a man who made a rock concert with a broken leg. He will never forget the gig. Hardly anyone else either. In a last kraftansträngining yells Dave next broken voice. The vocal cords need probably also plastered afterwards.


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