Monday, June 22, 2015

The same payment system on Bråvalla – despite last year’s turmoil – Aftonbladet

Last year’s cashless Bråvalla Festival ended in payment crash.

This year, the organizers have a plan to prevent a new monetary chaos.

– We have secured that all payment machines must be running before we open, says Niklas Westergren, Marketing.

When Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping last year invested in a cash free event was not everything as it should. Festival bracelet loaded with funds via a chip – but it took just a few hours before large parts of the system crashed. Visitors could either buy food or drinks in various locations in the festival area.

But despite last year’s problems is investing Bråvalla this year at a festival without cash. Niklas Westergren , Marketing Manager of FKP Scorpio, which organizes the festival, said that they worked to fix the technical mess.

“Absolutely Miserable”

– When the festival opened last year, half of all pay machines are not running and that led to problems. They were never fully down, every machine was running and people could trade, but this year we have ensured that all machines will be up and running before we open, he said.

You dare words bet on the same system again?

– There are not that many options. And besides a little trouble on Thursday, everything worked great at place.

But pay problems did not stop there. After the musical festival visitors would get back the money they spent during the festival, but over a month after the end of the festival waited several of them still in their payment. One of them was Tommy Jönsson 39th

– It is absolutely deplorable how this has been handled. I have spoken with FKP Scorpio four times and each time they said that money is going. It’s not about the sum in itself but is a matter of principle, he said to Aftonbladet.

Repayment in place

The problem should not occur this year, says Niklas Westergren.

– Last year was handled repayment online, this year we choose to solve any refund on the spot. At any time during the festival, you can collect the money when you do not want to shop more. One can also get the repayment of the tourist office in Norrköping two weeks after the festival.

He also believes that last year’s recovery cases now closed and that all visitors got their money back.

– It ended in December, says Niklas Westergren.

Bråvalla festival takes place in Norrköping on 25-27 June. On stage is, among other Calvin Harris , Refused , ASAP Rocky , Linda Pira and Seinabo Sey .


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