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Härenstam wrote prenuptial agreement – Aftonbladet

The beloved actor Magnus Härenstam wrote over the company at the kids long before his death.

Additionally, there is a prenuptial agreement – meaning possessions that he and his wife Birgitta acquired before marriage is not seen as common.

– quite common to want to prioritize their children, says Mårten Schultz, professor of civil law at Stockholm University.

Nöjesbladet can tell that Magnus Härenstam and wife Bridget signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married.

On June 6, 2010 married Magnus Härenstam and Birgitta Plånborg Ryott on a boat in Stockholm’s archipelago, with friends and relatives as witnesses. She took his last name after the civil ceremony.

– This day has been sunny, just like I know: Sunshine and joy, said Härenstam when the couple went ashore.

When the married in old age, they had known each other throughout 30 years.

“Pretty ordinary”

In a document lodged at the Stockholm District Court May 6, 2010, it says: “all our property in the marriage must be single and therefore not marital should occur. “

the marriage means that the possessions that Magnus and Birgitta Härenstam had acquired before marriage is not seen as common.

– When writes prenuptial agreement when they married in old age, and already have children and so, it is quite common that you do not want to leave behind their property to a partner, but want to prioritize their children, says Mårten Schultz Professor of Civil Law at the University of Stockholm.

Wrote the companies on the kids

But – it could be that Birgitta Härenstam still inherit their husband, if he has written something special in a will.

– There may be a will saying that the survivor will inherit. Such are then not made public until after the inventory has been registered. It shall be made within three months, but can take much longer, says the lawyer Ann-Christin Hemse Dahl , an expert on family law and inheritance.

Several years before his death wrote Härenstam of its General of the two children Catherine and Thomas . The company Heb Web AB are several million who are not part of the heritage, then the son and daughter owns was his half.

Nöjesbladet have searched Birgitta via the press contact Anna Moore a comment.


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