Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tintin Fractional affects the creator’s family – Göteborgs-Posten

Tintin and Captain Haddock are again in an infected lawsuit. The reason is a document publishing rights from, 1942.

The organization Moulinsart SA was founded by Tintin creator Hergé’s widow and manages strictly the rights to the series. When Moulinsart and Hergé descendants sued a Dutch Tinti Association who used images from the books of one of their newspapers, they were confident that get right in court.

But the verdict, which came in the days, were not as expected. It writes TT.

Tintin Association’s lawyer showed during the trial, a document from 1942, which shows that Hergé gave his publisher Casterman right to publish the stories of Tintin and Hergé other creations.

“It is not Moulinsart who can decide who is allowed to use material from the books, “the conclusion of the Court in The Hague.

Big consequences

An anonymous Hergé expert developed the document, whose authenticity has not been challenged by either Moulinsart or the author’s family, writes The Guardian.

Yet it is hard to say what this will mean for Moulinsart and series readers – but quite decidedly can consequences may be huge, especially if organizations, fan clubs and publications no longer have to pay Moulinsart to use figures.


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