Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer in P1 20/6: Lena Olin – Göteborgs-Posten

Lena Olin starts the season Summer in P1 with a sprawling and sometimes poignant life chronicle.

What radio satire program will primarily reside with for this year’s Summer Premiere is probably Lena Olin’s dog barking in the program’s introduction (“VIFF, vaff, vaff!”), when the actor illustrates how she awkward age of five spoke on the dogs’ manner in preschool. But in other media teaches two other anecdotes create the biggest headlines. Both pipes settlements with men.

The first is memory of how an unnamed but not particularly fancy Theodor Kallifatides made overtures to her while filming Love. Kallifatides who directed was already over 40, Olin in their 20s, and because the situation is obvious.

The deal number two is a replay. The stormy relationship with exsambon Örjan Ramberg has Olin touched before, including the first time she hosted the Summer 2007. This year, she goes a step further and speak out about the violence.

These two poignant memories would be excellent in a program of female cultural workers vulnerability. Few have probably as much interesting to say on the subject that Lena Olin, who worked his entire adult life in the industry and whose parents were prominent actors.

But soon clear that her mission is another. Chronologically discussed life events, from five-year age dog language to the new gig in a forthcoming television series, with the result that her summer program will be another one of those personal life chronicles of the host’s life as a single thread. Rarely universal. Often boring.

The last sentence: “Have a good summer now. Goodbye.”

Music stands for itself herself and never mentioned in the program. Unexpectedly, very hip with Eminem, Jay-Z and Macklemore.

Tomorrow’s summer host: David Batra, comedian.


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