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Here are this year’s participants in the Stars in the Castle – Express

They have previously appeared in “Stars in the Castle”.

2014: Rikard Wolff, Helena Bergström, Özz Nûjen, Harriet Andersson and Örjan Ramberg.

2013: Leif Andree, Maria Lundqvist, Lasse Åberg, Malena Ernman and Claes Mansson

2012: Ewa Fröling, Robert Gustafsson, Claes Malmberg, Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson and Philip Zandén

2011: Christer Lindarw, Johan Rabaeus, Johan Rheborg, Kim Anderzon and Louise Hoffsten

2010: Dan Ekborg, Ulf Brunnberg, Monica Dominique, Marie Göranzon and Diamond Rio.

2009: Tommy Körberg, Siw Malmkvist, Kjell Bergqvist, Meg Westergren and Björn Ranelid.

2008: Kjerstin Dellert, christina schollin, Jonas Gardell and Janne “Loffe” Carlsson and Staffan Sheja.

2007: Britt Ekland, Arja Saijonmaa, Jan Malmsjö, Magnus Härenstam and Peter Stormare.

2006: Maud Adams, Mona Malm, Peter Harryson, Borje Ahlstedt and Sven-Bertil Taube.

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Here is this year’s participants of” Stars in the Castle “.

Five new stars to be in a week living together and sharing their life stories.

– I thought it was about time, says Stefan Sauk.

The program will be recorded in the second week of August at Erik’s castle in Södermanland. And those who move in to the castle this year is Amanda Ooms , Morgan Alling , Stefan Sauk , Claire Wikholm Marika Lagercrantz .

– It feels great. I figured it was about time, says Stefan Sauk.

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And if this year’s participants, he says:

– Excellent. It’s great fun, For I know some of them. There seems to be a great lineup, I must say.

What he will do in his day he does not know really. It is not until now he has taken the time to plan.

– I agree on and sketches of a thing, but it requires a little preparation. So I have to check if it can be solved, continues Sauk and says that he did not directly look at the “Stars in the Castle” itself.

– But it’s a charming and good entertainment programs, where the opportunity to learn to know the people behind the surface. I think this is good, both good and interesting.

Amanda Ooms said to SVT that it felt obvious to say yes.

– This time it was so. Since I know the respect and recognition of this year’s stars.

– We are happy that this tenth anniversary, three women and two men at the castle. And we have a colorful array of stars with exciting stories to tell. There is really a wide range of backgrounds and experience that we believe will contribute to the week after Christmas as usual will be exciting to follow the popular program, says Petter Bragée, program manager at SVT in a statement.

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Last year starred Rikard Wolff , Helena Bergström , Örjan Ramberg , Harriet Andersson and Özz Nûjen . The program was then set to Bjärsjölagård castles in Skåne.

The program is now in its tenth season. The first 2006 season appeared Maud Adams , Mona Malm , Peter Harryson , Borje Ahlstedt and Sven Bertil Taube . The following year, it was time for Britt Ekland , Arja Saijonmaa , Jan Malmsjö , Magnus Härenstam and Peter Stormare .

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