Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Günther: “They call me old man slime” – Aftonbladet

He called Zara Larsson for a “fjortis bride”.

Now, says Mats Söderlund, aka Gunther, he has become a scapegoat in the gender debate.

– They call me old man slime, gore, pigs and pervert, he said.

Zara Larsson , 17, criticized the lack of female acts on Bråvalla festival. It made many cursed. Among other things, ran the cup of the pop artist Günther .

“That this girl gets the headlines every day is a mystery to me. There is probably a reason why you are at the top and the largest in the festival’s marketing and why you drive in the afternoon, for example that you do not pull the audience as some others. You are one of many fjortis brides who are world renowned in Stockholm and hypas maximum but that is not going with hits but only a lot of fuss, “he wrote, among other things on Facebook.

The criticism of Günther’s statement has been fierce and several female artists have now rallied behind Zara Larsson.

“was not about girls or guys”

Now, says Günther, or Mats Söderlund that he really named, that he is misunderstood.

– It was a private Facebook post that was about her placement on the poster. It was not about girls or guys, but I think she has the hubris and the music industry, not about sex. It’s all about me, me, me all the time.

Mats Söderlund says while he never read the DN interview without thought to anyway.

– The only thing I could have done differently was to read the article but my mind was not that this would be out of the newspapers.

But did you not understand that people would pick up on it?

– Yes, but if I may say what I think it is easier for me to explain myself. This was not the gender debate for me.

Is not reducing to call an established artist like Zara Larsson for a fjortis bride?

– It was the behavior I meant. You take it from its context.

then you could well have used a different word?

– Yes absolutely. It’s very sad that it was misinterpreted. I am the exact opposite of the one I described now. I have stood for equality since long before it was trendy.

Feeling unfairly treated

Zara Larsson’s criticism in DN was really about the skewed gender distribution among artists on Bråvalla says Mats Söderlund so here:

– It is terrible. Everyone should have exactly the same right to be visible.

Mats Söderlund says he feels unfairly treated and that he has become a “scapegoat.”

– The feminists in the media are trying to get me to to carry pilloried for other men with Stone Age thinking is not acceptable.

– To all of you angry feminists who completely irrelevant called me old man slime, gore, pigs and pervert these days I pray tag down and put your energy on something which can make our society better.

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