Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Olivia: I refused to let Harry – Göteborgs-Posten

Idol meeting with One Direction became reality, but was a surreal experience, says Olivia Astrand, 16, a tired and lucky winner the day after the Ullevi concert.

At 20 o’clock last night, an hour before the concert of One Direction started, was channeled Olivia Astrand and her friend Pia Ehnebom backstage along with six other girls won the meet-and- Greet in various competitions.

– A guard accompanied us and told us that we would set us up in a row against a wall, and then came Niall (Horan) past and said “Ciao” and went into the room where we would meet them, says Olivia Astrand, and continues:

– He looked completely unreal out. As a doll or cardboard figure.

Olivia Astrand says that the band members appeared one by one, Louis Tomlinson said “Howdy”, Liam Payne waved. Harry Styles however, was not to be – until the girls had come into the room and health. There, they were all in place.

– They looked almost look real. They looked much better in reality than on the pictures. I did not even recognize Niall and Harry first. And Louis was really small! How little time! And then he had really messy hair. And Harry was not at all as long as everyone says.

The meeting with the idols did not so much talk in addition to greetings, but many hugs, tells Olivia Åstrand, who took courage:

– I asked Niall if I could get a quick hug, and I got, and then we hugged everyone in turn. When I hugged Harry, I refused to let go, so it was a long hug!

Is Harry your favorite?

– No, this is Niall, but he hugged rather stiffly. Harry gave me so go hug so I held on to, ha ha.

Two images were also taken of the organizer’s own photographer, Olivia and Pia can now share to their friends. And GP’s readers.


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