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David Batra of bullying – Aftonbladet

The “Summer in P1″ will David Batra like bullies.

But we follow him as he seeks out his victims.

– I have never before gone to the bottom of my mind, it’s been too hard, he says.

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David Batra sommarprat he reveals a past that bullies. He tells of his classmate Michael.

Batra talking about a memory image from the fifth grade. When someone in the gang took Michael’s cap. As they threw each other until someone la cap in the bathroom.

– Everyone laughed derisively. But the laughter was mixed with a large dose of nervousness. Who would stop the game? We had no time to think long for the laughter suddenly interrupted by the sound of water that gushed. Could it have been so someone pulled the flush button? The crowd was quiet. All stopped. There was no longer hat to throw each other. it lay now far beneath the ground in plumbing.

Here understand David for the first time that it has gone too far. But bullying against Michael does not cease.

Report on Sport

David describes himself as fairly weak in physics and poor at sports, but he did his best to participate anyway. He also says that he received the blow and then.

Now, ahead of the summer chatter had Batra thoughts on Mikael grown stronger.

– I have never before gone to the bottom of my tanks, there has been too tough.

Dials Mikael

Batra decides to call the now adult Michael. They decide to meet. A meeting which results in the comedian apologizes.

– You can live with a bad conscience, says Batra.

– I understand that you feel that way. But it is long overdue and is forgiven by now, responds Michael.

Hard to feel that he is fit

Michael says that bullying is most influenced him when it was all about love partners. He has found it difficult to feel that he will do.

– It is good that you are here now. I seem to have a memory that you too were bullied, says Mikael.

Batra remembers it is not really so.

– I was far down on the pecking order. It may have vartit any kind of explanation that I bullied. No excuse.


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