Monday, June 22, 2015

“I thought the One Direction were really bad ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

The world’s largest boy band visits the Ullevi Stadium and the queue snakes already outside. The fans in place waiting, however, the members rather than the music.

The grass above the Mountain King is by now hallowed ground for konsertköare and One Direction fans pitched tents already last Saturday afternoon. The weather forecast said rainfall since the start but so long as the sun has stubbornly remained behind and in the days that have passed a small tent village took shape.

Its unofficial chief Hannah Horal, 16 and first in line. She has been a One Direction fan since about half a year after the first album, Up All Night, was released in 2011.

– I tell you not that I like them to anyone. There is much prejudice there. I myself was such in the beginning. Did One Direction was really bad. It was my best friend who loved them, and then it went as well as performing for me too.

Of those that are in place so far seen only one guy. A boyfriend sitting in the queue but will not be at the concert. Otherwise, queuing exclusively girls, which may seem expected when it is about a boy band from Britain occupies Ullevi. Meanwhile, says Hanna Horal, and is backed by several, that she likes One Direction because they dare to be antisocial.

– This is how I perceive it anyway. It does not feel quite as rebuke added and controlled by The Fooo where everything from dances to the personalities to be under a certain template. Now I imagine not that I know their true personalities or so. But from what I can see, they are more themselves on social media and always say what they think and feel.

Hannah Horal along with several other fans describe it as that it is precisely the personalities among the members as they stuck to it. They seem to be good people who are also regular guys addition to being superstars.

In terms of favorite members will return all four names albeit with slight overweight to Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

– Why I like Harry? Because he’s Harry says Julia Tarre, 17, who has the tent next door.

– I was a “Harry Girl” from the beginning but then it became more Zayn. Today it is mainly Louis and it’s great that he got much more space then Zayn stopped, says Hannah Horal.

She describes it as “almost good” that One Direction fifth member Zayn Malick left the group in March. It has long felt like he really wanted to do something different.

– When I first heard that Zayn stopped so I thought that it was really the end. The whole band would disband. What do I do well? But now I think the rest of the band feels stronger than ever.

The music is said but not be as important as the fact that the members are good and genuine people.

– The songs’re not great . They are almost a little poor, says Cornelia Hellgren, 16, queuing with her boyfriend Jesper Tirosius; 21.

But on asking the fact remains that it nevertheless has many favorite songs.

– No Control is probably my favorite because I get so extremely psyched by it. It is peppery and adrenaline. I’m so glad they have it in the setlist now, says Hannah Horal.


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