Thursday, June 18, 2015

Siesta Festival goes bankrupt – Aftonbladet

Siesta Festival sets – for the second time.

Now apply Cultural Markan, located behind the festival, for bankruptcy.

– We are so sorry. So very sorry. It would not be like this, writing board on his Facebook page.

Siesta Festival’d been held July 3-4 in Hässleholm. But it will not. Now apply Cultural Markan, organizers of the festival, bankruptcy – just weeks before the start.

– Today, June 18, 2015, the association submitted an application for bankruptcy to Hässleholm District Court, they write on their Facebook page and website.

Cultural Markan tell us that they have sold 1768 tickets, but it was not sufficient.

– There are good numbers. Over the years, more than half of the tickets were sold a week before the festival and on site at the ticket counter. To the festival would go around, we had estimated that total sell about 4500 tickets they write.

For large advances

The organizers believe that the recently done everything in their power to bring the festival to be implemented – but failed. One of the reasons for the financial problems is the major advances which the artists demanded.

– The reality today is that the majority of artistic companies and other providers require almost fully paid before the festival started. This year’s ticket sales and other revenues are not sufficient to pay all of these advances. There is a lot of money, and it is simply impossible, writes the organizers and continues:

– We’re so sorry. So very sorry. It would not be like this. It did not have to be like this. It would have gone if it were not for the advances. But here we are.

In existence since 2003

Siesta festival has been around since 2003, had set already in 2013 due to poor ticket sales. Before this year’s event were artists like The Kooks , Lorentz , Tove Strength , Little Jinder and Bob Hund booked. No additional information for visitors with tickets purchased organizers can not provide right now.

– It is with huge sadness we are now forced to liquidate the Association’s operations and file for bankruptcy. In anticipation of bankruptcy, we can not give any interviews or answering questions. We have no answer, they write.

Receive support from Hultsfred

Now snatches the organizers of the festival This is the Hultsfred in to support his bankrupt colleague. This is Hultsfred, which takes place in August, promising free admission for visitors with a Siesta Ticket.

– We may need to set up a few extra toilets and open another entrance fall … BUT … we can not just sit and watch as a small festival, not unlike our own, failing – without trying to help, they write on their Facebook page.


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