Sunday, June 14, 2015

The king’s fine words about his friend Magnus Härenstam – Aftonbladet

The royal couple received news of the death when they celebrated their son’s wedding.

Now celebrates King Carl XVI Gustaf of his friend Magnus Härenstam.

– He was the good skämtets champion.

Yesterday came the news that Sweden may grieve. One of our most beloved actor and TV host Magnus Härenstam has died in the aftermath of the cancer he had long fought against.

Despite his illness was Magnus Härenstam on stage as late as in February when he performed his last show “Morsning and goodbye”.

In the audience sat both Queen Silvia King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden , which both were friends Magnus Härenstam.

The news of Magnus Härenstams death reached the royal couple in the midst of the festivities for Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding yesterday.

For the first time commented Now King Carl XVI Gustaf friend’s death.

– Magnus Härenstam was a good friend and a great entertainer with genuine and honest humor and he was appreciated by the people of all ages. He was the good skämtets champion, says King Carl XVI Gustaf to Aftonbladet Royal Court press officer Margaretha Thorgren .

Entertained Sweden for over 40 years

Magnus Härenstam entertained Swedish people for over 40 years. He is best known for its application leadership role in the children’s program “Five ants are more than four elephants” but Magnus Härenstam has also played in a variety of movies and shows with their radar partners Brasse Brännström .

Among Magnus Härenstams best-known film roles include, among others the doctor in “Sällskapsresan”, the expectant father in the “I’m with children” and the bailiff in “the canal”. His last television production was “torpedoes”, where he played against Torkel Peterson.

Magnus Härenstam suffered from cancer for the first time in 2003 and has been fighting the disease since it came back in 2012.

Finally dried body no more, and the acclaimed actor and TV host fell asleep surrounded by his family.

Magnus Härenstam was 73 years.


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