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Magnus Härenstam is dead – Aftonbladet

He fought against the cancer in the end.

Today, died on the people dear actor and TV host Magnus Härenstam.

He was 73 years.

Magnus Härenstam is dead.

According to a press release from Anna Moore, Press Officer Magnus Härenstam, the people beloved actor and TV host died in the wake of the cancer.

– It is with profound sadness that we announce that our beloved Magnus today on the afternoon of Saturday June 13 has died after-effects of their cancer. Magnus got quiet and peaceful sleep at home surrounded by us. We kindly ask you to respect our wish that in the current situation does not express an opinion in general, says Magnus Härenstams family in a statement.

Anna Moore is currently working with Magnus Härenstams family and help them to take care of the press contacts:

– I’m as sorry as everyone else in Sweden who had the privilege of growing up with Magnus Härenstam. I mourn, I do.

Time for the funeral announced on Facebook

The family has created a memorial page on Facebook where everyone has the opportunity to share their memories and thoughts about Magnus Härenstam . There will also be time and place of the funeral to be announced.

Had Cancer 2002

2002 hit Magnus Härenstam of prostate cancer which later developed into a tumor of a vertebra in the lumbar region, for which the actor has undergone a number of chemotherapy treatments and operations.

– They have sent me everything there is in the industry. Long chemotherapy sessions, surgeries, atomic guns and poisons. Now I sleep well, eat well and take care of the toilet. Or it was unnecessary to tell me maybe? I’m fine, ‘said Magnus Härenstam in an interview with Aftonbladet in December 2014.

Magnus Härenstam used to call the tumor for “illbattingen” but the actor had no plans to quit occur even though the disease forced him to set up the show “Morsning and goodbye” twice (2012 and 2013).

– I’ll keep doing this until I die. It’s a comic monologue on the art to mature and grow old gracefully and I’ll harrowing along to me is killed, he said in a recent interview with Aftonbladet.

had his breakthrough in “Five ants are more than four elephants “

In 1972 and 1973 received radar pair Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström with Eva Remaeus her big break in the SVT children’s program” Five ants are more than four elephants “. Already in the 60th century, however, Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström started putting up shows together and in the 70s the duo made several famous cabaret in Stockholm. Magnus Härenstam has also been the host of the quiz show “Jeopardy” and last played in the TV series “The torpedoes”. He has also had roles in movies such as “Bert – the last virgin”, “I am with child,” and “the canal”.

Lost Lover

In August 2014 died Brasse Brännström 69 years old and Magnus Härenstam took his friend’s death very hard.

– I’m so sad and heartbroken over the Brasses passing away. A big part of my life I lived at his side and we had so infinitely joy of each other and to have the opportunity to also delight the others, said Magnus Härenstam in an interview with TT.

Dropped autobiography one month ago

Just a month ago was released Magnus Härenstams autobiography “Morsning and goodbye”, published by the Forum publishing house. “Morsning and goodbye” was also the name of Magnus Härenstams last show, which premiered as late as in February this year.

Aftonbladet’s Jan-Olov Andersson gave the show four plus and wrote, among other things, that “Härenstams timing is superb, he has of course some free too, because few are so loved by the audience as he “.

Magnus Härenstam was 73 years and mourned now by his family and the whole of Sweden.

Among those who expressed their grief are among the comedian Jonas Gardell.

“Magnus Härenstam was one of the really big idols. Funny and warm, crazy and humanity. So terribly sad to hear of his passing, “he wrote on Twitter.


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