Tuesday, June 23, 2015

At last One Direction – Göteborgs-Posten

The wildly popular boy band One Direction played at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg last night. Long before admission were massive queues outside the stadium.

It’s hot and muggy outside the Ullevi Stadium. The meteorologists have promised clouds with possible showers, and maybe even thunder – but at 16.00, a good time before admission, all you see of the threat some acidic rain clouds high above the arena.

The thousands and thousands of young people gathered here keeps the mood up. Many of them have remained in the vicinity of the venue several days, with gas stoves, tents and patience in droves.

For fans who are based in Gothenburg requires no tents, however patience. Nora south, 21, was close to the stadium, but has still been queuing since 10 in the morning. She sits on the ground and takes a strength burger to cope with.

Ideally, she wants and friend Fanny Götlind, 22, told Stockholm Syndrome from the latest album Four (2014) in the evening. Since the song has been on every setlist since the tour start there is a reasonable expectation.

– I think I will end up in some kind of ecstasy when they start playing, and let my inner 12-year-old screaming sing a little, says Nora and smile.

The 20-year-old Kajsa Ragnhage from Svenljunga is one of those who take it more chill. She and the friend Valentina Hussein, also 20, has just arrived here. Now close your eyes those under the scorching sun, who decided to look through the cloud cover.

– I was standing when I saw them in Denmark last year, but it was … I do not know. It feels like I’m a little too old for that. Now I’m mostly here for the music. And you can take better pictures from the gallery, says Kajsa.

– Yes, it is better, so do not have to sweat with the others in the queue, agrees Valentina.

Trying people elbowing their way?

Kajsa laughs.

– Many are so small here, around 12-13 years. They dare not take that way. So they are kind, she says.

The fact that most are very young are in good there. Just this fact leads to one of pojkbandsförtjusningens most unique feature: Medberoendet. To say what you want about hockey enthusiasts, football geeks and Star Trek cosplayare, but their passions may in all cases be successfully practiced on their own, without others withdrawn.

When one glances of the queues outside the Ullevi stadium will be it is obvious that it does not work with the One Direction-fanaticism. Here and there among all young people, tweens and teens, glimpsed middle-aged men and women. Some of sullen martyr faces; second wide smile and happy to go with.

The latter group includes 36-year-old mother Anneli Klerestig from Mölndal, who is here with her two daughters.

– This is incredibly fun. I am an old pojkbandsfan, so I love it. Maybe it’s that I most is a medlyssnare, but it’s good music, I think, she says.

Who’s the most happy concert, you or daughters?

– Fifty-fifty, I would say.


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