Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Harsh criticism against the sing-along premiere – Aftonbladet

The crowd betrayal “Sing-along at Skansen” ·

And the premiere were severely criticized by viewers.

– You can always get better, says Petra Marklund.

The premiere of “Sing-along at Skansen” was a very wet affair. The rain did not stop as reflected in the sparse crowd.

During the day Skansen total of 8100 visitors. Exactly how many people chose to stay and watch sing can not say, but according to the Christina Hamnqvist , press secretary at Skansen, it is a relatively low figure.

– We’ve had bad luck with the weather for several years and when the weather is bad, it becomes quite cautious and sedate premieres.

A good day usually Skansen have over 20 000 visitors when it’s singing, but yesterday it was therefore quite deserted during the broadcast .

said of viewers

But it was not just the rain that put Sordi on the mood. Criticism of the production was not merciful among Nöjesbladet readers.

“Junk,” “lousy” and “the worst I’ve seen” are just some of the outraged reactions.

As Rådelius is the executive producer of “Sing-along at Skansen.” He does not agree with the harsh criticism.

– I think we have done a fantastic program. It was saturated, mixed, entertaining and singing happily.

TV4′s news anchor utseendehånades

A feature that received much criticism was the comedian Anna Blomberg , who played Carol’s “fan technicians”.

– Anna Lindmarker, she reads the news. There are many who believe that she has lifted itself but it is only I who have been there with my fans, joked Anna Blomberg at the scene.

Neither Montazami-imitation or “fan technician” went with the audience in place and in Nöjesbladet chat raged readers.

As Rådelius defends However element.

– I think it was good to have a Such elements. If it gets imitated in a satire where it is so clearly exaggerated humor, I think it’s a tribute. I think that love is very big for these people to imitate.

“It can always be better”

While TV host Petra Marklund got a lot criticism for his effort and in a poll among readers of Aftonbladet yesterday think 62.4 percent of the singer should practice more.

– What I focus on is to always do as good a job as I can. I’ve obviously studied myself and we have worked hard the entire team for creating a great program. But it is clear that it can always be better, says Petra Marklund.


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