Friday, June 26, 2015

Wanted to give Zara Larsson gun carriage on the radio – apologize – Aftonbladet

Host Sebastian “Sheriff” Larsson at the radio station Bandit Rock urged his colleague to give Zara Larsson, 17, a gun carriage.

Now the regret he his statement.

– I apologize to anyone who was listening and to Zara also, of course, he says to Aftonbladet.

“If you go past her can You give her a little gun carriage “.

The TV host said Sebastian” Sheriff “Larsson at the radio station Bandit Rock on Zara Larsson over the phone to a colleague Bråvalla, when they discussed the snack ice on Günter’s attack on Zara Larsson, who Nöjesbladet was the first to report on.

The statement in the radio have created quite a stir.

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” enlarged “

Sebastian Larsson says he with the choice of words did not mean” slap “, which means a gun carriage.

– Where I come from does a small folding a little pat on the cheek. It’s not like you to start a world war that this thing has been enlarged to. When you have a conversation, it is one thing, but when printed in a text where you do not hear the tone, it becomes a completely different thing, he says to Aftonbladet.

But why did you are so at all?

– It was when we would hang up the phone, just as if I’d say happy holidays to you, as I said “she goes past you, give her a little folding “. Everyone who hears it understands that it is for fun, I think, or I want to believe. But then there are people who are wrong and want to be a little radio policemen. I understand that the choice of words is not good, and I regret it now.

Now he asks for apology to listeners and to Zara Larsson.

– Since I got home today, I have been bit shaky and I apologize to anyone who was listening and to Zara too, of course. I have never met her and have no idea how she is. It was not meaning to do something stupid. It was more like a humor skit.

Can you say such a thing with a twinkle in the eye of a 17 year old Zara course are?

– Not when you put it so, then I think it will go over the limit. But in context was not my intention to be mean to anyone, but rather to be a little edgy. But yes, I had not done it, I can say. I have learned a lesson.

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Know nothing about Zara

The many storms around Zara Larsson and internet hate the recent past have passed him right by.

– Honestly, I was told it afterwards when my manager called me and told me that Zara had been through worse stuff before, it did not. I snowed on the day’s news with Gunther, then got word choice errors and a spring has become a chicken. I know she won the “Talent” sometime but not more than that at all. I ask again sorry.

Sebastian “Sheriff” Larsson concludes by reproducing a classic Shakespearean quotes.

– It is an uphill battle a dragon raises, it’s a classic. It should also be on my tombstone.


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