Friday, June 19, 2015

Emanuel Charles Stone: Say what you want – but be prepared for criticism – Göteborgs-Posten

To measure a civilization’s condition can be made in several ways. One of them is to look at what we are debating. And right now it is in this case a both sad and fascinating world that is conjured up.

Is there anything more incomprehensible than the ongoing debate on that you can not say what you want in this country? Week after week continue that. The most established of writers have even begun to write long texts about the banned they want to say, but still conclude that they may not say it in this country. So what was it then they just did?

Does it even ever been a time when society has given more space for the views “should not be said,” than it is now?

The situation is considered so critical that some of the country’s highest-profile mediemän started to act in informal action groups. Create provocations aimed to save Sweden from anxiety. It was so comedian Henry Schyffert explained that after he wrote on the internet that he wanted to defecate people in the face and sexually attacking people’s ends differently. “If more and more shouts poop and pee perhaps fearful of folds,” he replied to SVT.

Media profile Alex Schulman hooked on, called a week later the transsexual Bruce Jenner as a ” dork “when he posed on a magazine cover. And the last week desired Hosted Filip Hammar in a comment online that it would go “to hell” for the Princess Sofia “upper-charity”. If he wanted to apologize? No, excuse would ask that demanded an apology from him.

It is therefore here we finally landed. It was this civilization reached its peak and we slowly began to implode. In all the years we have been fighting for a civilized society that would stand up for humanity, equality and tolerance, but when we reached there, we feel suffocated. We must always take into account? We must always fight for women’s right? We must always be polite? Can not we ever just have to think about ourselves and our right to say reflexive nonsense?

Yes, you can you. And yes, you are. The whole Internet is full of vile small to hold the vilest of opinions. Where people incite each other to say the most disparaging words about immigrants, sexual deviant or dissident. There joked, pounded back and talk about it is fortunate that they have each other, for this “one can always not say in this country.”

How can they even say it?

I think now not all become idiots, but rather that we are confusing what they “can not say” with what “is not socially acceptable to have their say.” So: you can now expect counter-thrust if you openly express themselves in a way that deviates from the norms of society. I guess this is what chafes for those who are accustomed to say stupid things.

civilized society has landed in a range of values ​​that has given courage to the increasing number of people to say received in the break room, family parties or when someone says something stupid on television. The Internet has given us the tools to respond quickly and mobilize against the indecent. We know our and others’ rights and to defend them. It is this clash of cultures that created the misunderstanding and debate on “what one must not say.” Our fear of conflict has meant that we think it’s boring when everything must now be scrutinized. One can not only get call their chokladboll for what you want? We must always bitching about equality? Can not you just be a little bantering and a little jerky? Well. How much you want. But the privilege to do so without criticism is over.

All this leads to an obvious conflict: Our quest for consensus on what is a civilized opinion has created an answer key for correctness. Anyone who does not agree with is intolerant and can be quickly expelled. The outcasts creates rebel groups and hang out in deep trenches from which they occasionally throwing hand grenades debate pleased with unimportant reunion picture. Neither side is interested in being influenced by each other.

It is here , one can infer something about the state of civilization and think about what the next step. We have constructed a broadly perfect society where we have so little to worry us to our biggest problem now is why we must find the right things all the time. Why we must be tolerant, caring about others. Why we can not just take care of ourselves.

Is there any way forward from there? We will now go into a time where the reptilian brain takes over. Where the populist, self-centered parties must lead us to their truths are so prohibited, they must well be more true? It is like the Bible story of Adam and Eve. Despite all of the world’s abundance eventually became the forbidden fruit, the only thing that was really interesting and ultimately irresistible.

The bored, maybe unstimulated human brain is the most dangerous. Therefore, it may sometimes important to release it idiotic, important to let the stupid thoughts get printed.

You can say what you want in this country. You only learn how to handle that you will no longer unchallenged.


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