Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer in P1 28/6: peter apelgren and Anna Mannheimer – Göteborgs-Posten

sommarprat of contrasts where the childish mixed with it serious when the couple peter apelgren and Anna Mannheimer sends from his bedroom.

It’s almost a bit doping warning here. Two highly acclaimed radio legends do a summer program together. There’s apparently no end to cheat. Or how good their software is. In his contrast-rich constellation is the couple Mannheimer / Apelgren a joy to listen to. They can be childish as simple as profound, but always lands in the understanding that narratives highs and lows often occur in contrasts. Like when peter apelgren tells absurd and funny stories about his grandmother who should kill themselves and then let the laughter stuck in his throat when he leads over it in both her and his own mental health.

Even Anna Mannheimer is the disclosure of family norms, adoptions and his mother’s death, but let it lightens up with humor and empathy. Through the program, they alternate pulling stories of the great and the small, while the other party is acting Greek chorus. Återtigen it’s almost unfair how the small personal reflections could easily become petty and whiny if it were not for that they are both so talented and charismatic storyteller.

A fun bonus is also hear Anna Mannheimer get peter apelgren to like things are embarrassing and uncomfortable as it usually is what he works with in his absurd humor. In creating a unique effect that probably had not been possible to achieve if the summer was talking individually. So in the couple after all my sins. Even though they are cheating.

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