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We need and lack Magnus Härenstam – Expressen

“Morsning & amp; goodbye”, which is also the title of his memoirs, was a solo show, where he gave a picture of life as old. I was at the premiere at Liseberg Theatre in Gothenburg winter of 2012.

He had turned 70, he discussed aging and gave comic images of life as you get older. High recognition of the mature crowd, lots of laughter, success and continuation of Intima in Stockholm in the autumn.

But it was postponed for the cancer had come back. He was sad, disappointed, he wanted to work on. And during the period of illness, he wrote new jokes.

The revival was postponed several times, but last winter he would on stage. Three evenings to begin with. More he did not dare book, he did not know how much he would cope. They sold out immediately understood and many were queuing for tickets – if there would be something more.

After a little rest, it was four evenings to the much larger Oscars Theatre in Stockholm. Sold out, of course.

But that first evening at Intiman, it forgets not. He was so happy, he lived up, you got the feeling that this particular, to re able to stand on the stage, had kept him alive. For he was very sick.

Rarely have seen a celebrity denser premiere. All in the Swedish entertainment over 50 were there and this was topped by the royal couple was sitting in the parlor.

All of that premiere, they wanted to be there for the anticipated that this could be the last time they saw him on stage. All had worked with him in any context, because he had such a huge breadth, he was active in all kinds of entertainment. And he kept on so long, for over 40 years, well almost 50.

It was on television it began.

In the late 60′s were brought Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström by director Lasse Hallström to make short, giggly silly skits. This was developed in 1970 to humor the show “Oh, it’s already Friday” and it was the comedy series “Daddy’s boys’ together with Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt.

And so the 1973 classic” Five ants are more than four elephants “. Actually, it was teaching children’s television, but was due to the playfulness an eternally entertaining series for generation after generation.

Here the chiseled out his comic characters. Magnus was the talented, knowledgeable, effektive accountant type. Brasserade was natured sloe, a large child. And they worked perfectly together.

– Hello, Hello, ‘said Magnus slightly lisping and lifted his little hat.

There was much TV for Magnus of all the varieties. He was the host of the television game “low card is”, he was Swedish chief among Norwegian women in the television hit “Fredriksson’s factory”, which went three years in Norway.

And when TV4 bought the rights to the US “Jeopardy”, he became host. It took master Härenstam to lead a kunskapslek, accurate, friendly, courteous, and when contestants passed the first correct answer, as he always said, “Welcome into the game.”

He did “Jeopardy” for 14 years, of 2000 program, and at that time it was a daily TV4 programs with large audiences.

For all their efforts on Swedish television, he received in 2006 tv price Kristallens honorary award. A very popular choice

Film he did. Starred in over 20 movies, many supporting roles, but also stable main roles in Lasse Hallström’s “I am with child,” “Two guys and a girl,” a very memorable engineer in the comedy “Rooster”.

And he actually participated in two of the Swedish film’s biggest audience hits of modern times, “Sällskapsresan” and “the canal”

On stage, he was diligent. Swedish entertainment had already Hasseåtage and in the 70s became Magnus and Brasse a concept. Terribly popular, they were everywhere and they did cabaret. “Magnus and Brasse – live in New Bacchi,” that’s where Härenstam makes classic monologue “foreman in the stomach,” and the hit shows “Caution Children” and “It’s served.”

80s he became theater director. Magnus, Brasse, Lill Lindfors and Aller Johansson took over Maxim Theatre in Stockholm, where they started with the musical “Sugar” (after the movie “Some Like It Hot”), which went for two years.

When Magnus and Brasse split up after 17 years, as did Magnus desire to go up on stage alone. Stand-up comedian was not in the 80s, so Magnus did called the solo show “The lecture,” Two hours alone with the break in the middle of and I remember it being a lot of fun, accurate comments and close contact with the audience.

2003 – after all years in “Jeopardy” – he stood on stage again in “Lasse Berg Hagens revue”. The following year reunited under great excitement and Magnus Brasse in “Muntergökarna” a försvenskad version of the American “Sunshine Boys”. He also made a large fortune in the comic musical “Producers – Springtime for Hitler”.

And then came the “Morsning & amp; goodbye,” a galghumoristisk title to a solo show where he unsentimental delivered a comic sketch about the cancer surgery he underwent.

Here he showed his unique contact with the audience, got the absolute attention and was champion in telling small anecdotes. He did not miss a word, not a tone.

He was amiable on stage, radiated heat. He was so even in private. Generous to others, encouraged colleagues, was happy and easygoing and had always close to his cheer contagious giggle.

He was a nice man, Magnus Härenstam. And he was one of our most beloved entertainers.

I have had the privilege to follow throughout his long career and it has been a great pleasure.


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