Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lord of the Rings “star was 93 years old – Aftonbladet

Movie Legendary Christopher Lee is dead, writes British The Telegraph.

He is known from countless films, but primarily “Dracula,” “Star Wars – Episode 2″, and “Lord of the Rings” -franchisen.

Now, he died in a London hospital after suffering breathing difficulties.

Sir Christopher Lee, 93, died on Sunday, but his wife wanted to wait death announcement outward until the family had access to it, according to the UK Independent.

The actor died at a hospital in London (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital ) after suffering breathing difficulties.

He has played in over 250 films since the 1940s and has also appeared in several TV series. For a long time he was mainly associated with the role as Count Dracula in the British Hammer productions. There were a total of ten films as the iconic vampire (the first film came in 1958, where he played opposite his close friend Peter Cushing ). Moreover, he made the heavy Scaramanga in the James Bond movie “The Man With The Golden Gun” to the Roger Moore .

A number of films that Christopher Lee has appeared in the cult, like ” The Wicker Man “(1973).

was knighted

Lee was also a member of several unions stuntmen because he liked to do as much as possible yourself. Moreover, he was a great J.R.R. Tolkien enthusiast and had a habit of reading his books annually.

At the end of his career wanted both George Lucas and Peter Jackson work with the British gentleman.

Since he has been in so many big films one can count him as one of the highest grossing actors ever.

2009, he was knighted for his life’s work, and later in life He has also worked with the music.

– So sorry to hear that Christopher Lee has died. He was a fascinating person, write “The Lord of the Rings” -motspelaren Dominic Monaghan on Twitter.

His immediate family is the wife Birgit “Gitte” Kroencke Lee , whom he married in 1961. A daughter and niece, the British actor Harriet Walter .


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