Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer in P1 30/6: Clara Henry – Göteborgs-Posten

The Youtube phenomenon Clara Henry makes a fun but traditionally sommarprat with the critical life events sorted in chronological order.

It is a proven concept that has served countless celebrities well in the program’s nearly 60-year history. However, most of these had the advantage of being older than Clara Henry.

Clara Henry is 21 years. Although she is an intelligent, funny, successful and sharp 21-year-old, but the fact remains. Most of the listeners feel certainly recognize themselves in her anecdotes about excessive perspiration in nervous situations, and how she, after having spent time with many need a little time for yourself – but the idea that “you is not seen nothing yet” should not be far away for anyone during the listening session.

The list of her successes (the adversity she has hardly had time, not yet), it is easy for you Zonar out.

Really interesting it becomes for just over an hour of playtime, when Clara Henry moves outside their bubble and tell it like few have touched on the same cape and brilliance that she Mens. With a number of well-founded examples illustrate her how the observations that “you have PMS or” have been used in the history of the club down the womenfolk who happen to have opinions in a discussion.

Summer chatter changes direction and becomes an inflammatory speech against patriarchy, against ignorance, against prejudices and against the suppression techniques that are important, and engaging. Unfortunately, the turn too late.

The last sentence: “My name is Clara Henry and this was my futile sommarprat.”

Music Refreshing with pop almost exclusively female artists such as Robyn, Beatrice Eli and Regina Spector. If the case was the opposite, with only men, could hardly have raised eyebrows.

Summer Host July 1: Georgios Karpathakis, social entrepreneur


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