Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gene Simmons blames fans – Västerbotten Folkblad

Do you dream and your band to become as big as Kiss? It can be short. In any case, if one is to believe the band’s guitarist Gene Simmons.

Before a gig last week he shared his thoughts about the record label industry, pirated downloads and fans.

He says that it is the fans who puts a spoke in the wheels of the new bands, by requiring that take part of the music without paying for it.

– It kills the next Elvis and the Beatles and the next drawing and the next … whoever it may be, just because you have to give away the music for free, he said.

In this way, the new capabilities not even a chance of success, he believes. He believes that there are bands and artists with enough talent, but who will never get the chance to succeed.

– The fans have killed it. They have killed infrastructure.


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