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As hailed Magnus at the last event – Express

Magnus Härenstam kept the seriousness of the disease secret until the last moment .

But just over a week, he gathered his friends to say goodbye.

– He told me he wanted to say goodbye to us, says Vicky von der Lancken.

On Saturday, died Magnus Härenstam.

The people dear actor and TV host died at home, 73 years old, surrounded by his family, in suites for cancer.

The news came as a blow to many of the friends. Magnus Härenstam had never told about the seriousness of the disease.

– It is incredibly sad, I am fully lowered. I thought Magnus was on the way back. It is extremely tragic, said Sheeba Saturday.

As late as mid-May spoke Härenstam positive about cancer treatment in an interview with Expressen.

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But in the spring he played the piece “Morsning and Goodbye” in severe pain.

The author Petter Karlsson, who wrote Magnus Härenstams biography “Morsning and Goodbye “says Magnus talked a lot about the disease and its mortality with the family.

But outwardly he was silent. And towards the end dropped Härenstam hope.

– He had left the hell that he would fix this. But at the same time he began to doubt the end, it crept in a sense that it would not go. He called cancer “a illbatting”, to subdue the disease. It was not that he downplayed the disease. But he wanted to keep the rod, says Petter Karlsson.

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The last two weeks of Magnus Härenstams life worsened the disease dramatically.

Magnus Härenstam felt tired and had no longer hope left in the same way, says Karlsson.

– He called a week ago, to invite to dinner , we would celebrate the book was finished. When I asked “how is it?” and he just said well I commute between hope and despair, and the right word despair, I had not heard before. Then I felt that now it is probably worse than I thought. But I do not think he knew on Wednesday that he would die, he said.

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Helen Sjöholm, who is known Magnus Härenstam for over ten years, met Härenstam at the release party for his autobiography “Morsning and Goodbye!”. She noticed that he was worse.

But she had no idea how bad things were.

– I met him three weeks ago. We met there and it was noticed that Magnus was tired. I know it’s been up and down for him but I did not think it would go like this, ‘she says.

Then the Magnus Härenstam on heavy medication, morphine to quell the pain and cope with the event. It also became Härenstams last public appearance.

– He was very brave there. It was very crowded. I asked: “How are you really?”. Then he said: “I’ve got some candy, I can push me.” He was not hurt. The morphine kept the pain at bay, says Petter Karlsson.

Ten days ago, invited Magnus Härenstam their closest friends to a dinner at Långholmen.

He had been told that he would not be healthy.

– He told me that the doctor said that it was “stalled”. So we had to sit and talk about it and somehow say goodbye, says the friend and director Lasse Hallström, who got to know Magnus Härenstam when he was 18th

In addition to Lasse Hallstrom and his wife Lena Olin was attended, among other entertainment producer Vicky von der Lancken, artist Lasse Berghagen and producer Leonard Eek, says Lasse Hallström.

– It was more or less a farewell dinner. He told me that he wanted to say goodbye to us, says Vicky von der Lancken, who has known Magnus Härenstam in 38 years.

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When they received the news at noon, the friends sat silent.

– We mostly sat silent and listened, then we continued to hang out and it was still happily and very nice. His wife Bridget was there too, says Lasse Hallström.

In the midst of grief is Lasse Hallström nonetheless pleased that Magnus Härenstam gathered his friends one last time.

– He was careful to behaved, and this he did fantastically well. To invite their friends and do the right thing parting with friends, it was very sympathetic. Now it feels empty, he said.

– Right now only sorry not to be able to call him, not able to talk to him, see his mischievous, merry eyes. I’m very, very sorry, says Vicky von der Lancken.

Lasse Hallström think Magnus Härenstam eventually not manage to fight against the disease further.

– He had fought for many years, and now the doctor said that it was short. He gave well up, he said.


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