Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Direction fans: It was pure horror experience – Göteborgs-Posten

The disappointed fans saw the girls feel badly for One Direction Ullevi playback without the help of the guards in place. The organizers of Live Nation rejects the criticism that they increased their security staff.

More than 42,700 people saw the One Direction concert at Ullevi stadium on Tuesday evening. A rather modest figure compared with Håkan Hellström’s attendance record of 69,000 in an arena whose maximum capacity is 75 000 visitors.

– For security reasons, we keep down the number of people on the stand during such a concert with so many young visitors, explains Kristofer Akesson on Live Nation is responsible concert organizer and continues:

– We also shared the stand are four sections to have an overview and help the girls in the best way when necessary. Especially also because they would have such a good concert experience possible.

Many also got an experience of a lifetime during the gig that got GP’s critic Jan Andersson to talk about “charm almost all the way into the tile,” and “a happy swaying publikhav”. Other, more disappointed, the fans got in to the GP to talk about pure horror experience: Girls who passed them around. Someone vomited. Guards denied visitor water and neglected people in the audience who was not feeling well. Also: a badly organized admission and uncertainties concerning the rules for the VIP ticket (2 000) or the regular ticket (400 euros).

– I do not want to comment, because it concerns an isolated case. We urge them to turn to our customer service to answer any questions and be helped in the best way, says Kristofer Akesson.

– We have otherwise been more or less exclusively positive response from the audience.

During the concert, had Live Nation expanded its security personnel.

– We had 450 guards and stewards on the spot working for the public’s safety and order. We are very happy and satisfied that it was such a great night both from the stage and in the audience.

The most expensive VIP tickets give, according Kristofer Akesson, in addition to various gifts also buyers the right to be let before, and the right to take place first in the two front sections. At the regular admission filling these sections then the audience with regular tickets.

Neither Mikael Persson, information officer at the Ullevi stadium, or event manager Charlotta Jacobsson felt even more chaos, more included fans, or more litter than customary under similar concerts a whim young audience.


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