Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why provoke chest as much in 2015? – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Anders Zorn / publishing house Max Ström

T magine that breast can still cause such a stir. Most recently, it is this that has become far to cross the Photographic wanted to tell about the new Zorn exhibition.

Naked Dalecarlian woman got Facebook to resort to censorship button, and the consequence was that the museum’s project leader Håkan Gustafsson’s private Facebook simply extinguished down so that no one could see the litter hands from in 1890.

Photographic has previously shown more startling war pictures, but then there will be no censorship on Facebook. Breast is always worse. The justification for censorship are in the Terms of where it appears that there are people who “may be susceptible to this type of content, especially because of their cultural background or age.”

But it is not executed images of skulls chopped off that excites censurivrarna in social media in the United States. For it will apparently people with different “cultural background” clear.

The problem always occurs when there is sex involved. Telling someone “fuck” and “shit” in American television, a beep remove the word so that ” sensitive people “do not take offense. Dyker any outspoken celebrity in a talk show and say” fuck “in every other sentence becomes the most beep you hear.

The same phenomenon appears in many TV series, where especially female actors ever seem to undress. As the celebrated Games of Thrones accused of sexism. But Carice van Houten, who plays the priestess Melisandre, are tired of the criticism and says, according to Aftonbladet, that “it is strange that my nipples provokes more than a beheading. “

But like so is there. In Sweden, Jonas Gardell written about how Mark Levengood dödshotats on Youtube but no one at the company responded. It was no nipples involved.

In New York, women in #Free the nipple movement proved breasts in public protest nätcensuren. Last year was the Scout Willis walked through Manhattan’s East Village breasted. She is the daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and protested when the Instagrams policy not to show female nudity.

When Rihanna put out a picture on Instagram where her nipple synthesis was also big censorship scissors there. Or much worse – when Facebook in 2013 took away pictures of women who had removed their breasts due to cancer. Images that are part of the healing process. How stupid can you be?

Actor Jack Nicholson is probably best summed up the American fear of nipples and areolas are already several decades ago. He used to say about the American morale: “If you show a nipple in the film becomes violent protests. Displays the other hand, a knife madman who cuts off the nipple yawning audience. “


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