Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flinck dropped out – after altercation with SVT – Expressen

They are the new “Stars in the Castle”.

Amanda Ooms, actor, writer and artist, 50 years.

Marika Lagercrantz, actor and director, 60.

Morgan Alling, actor, writer and director, 47.

Stefan Sauk, actor, 60.

Claire Wikholm, actor and writer , 70 years.

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Here is the new participants in the “Stars in the Castle”.

But the Express can tell Thorsten Flinck was highly topical program but disappeared at the last moment out of the lineup after a controversy with SVT.

“It has, unfortunately, due to different ways of seeing the lot, for example, what to make of his “own day,” got paid for my part, “wrote the actor on his website.

The information is also confirmed by SVT.

The new participants in the “Stars in the Castle” was presented yesterday. Claire Wikholm, Morgan Alling, Amanda Ooms, Marika Lagercrantz and Stefan Sauk will move in on Eric’s castle in Södermanland the second week of August, for what will be the program’s tenth season.

– It’s great fun, I know after a few of them. There seems to be a great lineup, I have to say, says Stefan Sauk.

But the Express can tell you that one of the participants would have been Thorsten Flinck. On May 13, he wrote in the guestbook on his website and told me that he would be with. But yesterday morning made a new post, which he wrote that the participation canceled due to disagreements.

“I wrote earlier about the stars and castle and my involvement. It has, unfortunately, because of the different ways see on a lot, for example, what to make of his “own day” etc. etc. had paid for my part, “he writes.

” That’s right “

The information confirmed by Petter Bragée, program manager at SVT.

– Usually we comment on why someone should not be included in the stars or so, but if Thorsten now have gone with this so yes, it is true that he has been raised.

Can you say anything about why he should not be doing?

– We have actually never commented on why someone should not be in the stars. If we have privacy in conversations with those who might be with so may other stars feel secure that we do not go out and talk about them before it is certain that they will be with. I think we will win, otherwise it will be difficult I think to get hold of stars.

“Then he disappeared”

Morgan Alling says he was asked just over a month ago and Thorsten Flinck’s name then was one of the names that figured.

– I know he was intended and that it was changed at the last second or so. I knew he was with, and then he disappeared after all. I can understand it, he says, and continues:

– Then I do not know if there were disagreements or whatever.

Morgan Alling says it is “honorable and really cool” to be asked and that he will not back down on sensitive issues.

– No, I will say what I think and feel. And I’m curious about all of the other participants. It will be great, he said.

Expressen has tried to reach Thorsten Flinck for comment.


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