Monday, June 15, 2015

Lindrooz and Kviske intend to honor the late Magnus Härenstam – Swedish Radio

The actor, comedian and presenter Magnus Härenstam died at the weekend. Vastervik Son’s death is mourned by many and affects the tavern show warning and Magnus Brasse, who this summer are set up in Kalmar by Magnus Kviske and Adam Lindrooz.

– The should preferably not be snyftigt at all, says Adam Lindrooz nevertheless points out that he and Magnus Kviske will be sure to honor Magnus Härenstam and partially modify the performance.

Since the show Warning and Magnus Brasse was set up a year since both Brasse Brännström and Magnus Härenstam passed away.

– Magnus passing is a little more complicated. We met never Brasse before he went away and had no personal relationship with him. Magnus we felt and it is a bit more tricky how to react to his death, says Magnus Kviske.

Magnus Härenstam appreciated the show Warning and Magnus Brasse much.

– Härenstam was very proud of this project. He was very happy that we did this, says Magnus Kviske.

– Occasionally feels like he was happier than we are at this, says Adam Lindrooz.

When Magnus Kviske and Adam Lindrooz was looking at Morsning and goodbye, Magnus Härenstams last performance, earlier this spring, they met the great entertainer backstage. Among people got Magnus Härenstam view of Kviske and Lindrooz.

– Watch! There’s Boysen! exclaimed Härenstam and hugged Kalmar guys.

A strong memory to take with them now that Magnus Härenstam is gone. That he was not feeling well knew Magnus Kviske and Adam Lindrooz, but death news was still shocking.

– It was just a huge emptiness that came, says Adam Lindrooz.

– You did not Magnus Härenstam could go away, fills Magnus Kviske in.


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