Thursday, June 25, 2015

There’sa man’s party when successful festival Bråvalla organized for the third consecutive year. – Aftonbladet

In Flames, Lars Frederiksen and Kent.

There there’sa man’s party when successful festival Bråvalla organized for the third consecutive year.

The entire 78 percent of most booked artists are men.

– It is very sad that it is so slow, says Kristina Wicksell from the organization Equality Festival.

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At this year Bråvalla Festival is as much as 78 percent of the files dominated by men, while 22 percent dominated by women. It is a key improvement from last year’s 84-percent male dominance, according to figures from the non-profit and politically independent organization Equality Festival.

– It is very sad, a lot of festivals, things happen from year to year and the other seems to stand quite still. It suggests that they are not working so actively with it, says Christina Wicksell , press officer for gender festival.


She believes that Bråvalla festival had able to book more equal if they really tried.

– They could produce a much larger change, it is not difficult to find women dominated popakter. It may be more difficult in some genres, but Bråvalla book so wide. Then it, she says.

Niklas Westergren is a marketing manager at FKP Scorpio arranging Bråvalla Festival. He agrees that the gender distribution is a problem, but says it does not just apply Bråvalla.

– As on so many other festivals, it is a bias, but it is a much better figure than last year. But this is a social problem, not a festival related problems. All of Sweden must become more equal, he says.

Niklas Westergren says that it is practical details that made it hard to make the festival par.


– It’s a rather complicated story. It’s not that I can contact you and book Beyoncé . We had many female headliners at the time, who then could not play because they were Recorded at other festivals, he said.

Already last summer promised Bråvalla Festival to improve gender balance among the artists to next year. This year, it sounds the same.

– It really is something that we look at and try to do better. It gets better and better but it takes some time, says Niklas Westergren.

dare not take the step

Kristina Wicksell on Gender festival says that festivals must dare to think one step further than they have done before.

– The organizers believe that if they book they usually will solve it, but we’re very affected by what we have seen at festivals earlier this year. My tip is that they think outside the box.


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