Saturday, June 27, 2015

Zara Larsson hit back on stage: “Fuck Günther” – Aftonbladet

The Internet exploded näthat after Zara Larsson criticized the Bråvallas balance.

From the stage she struck back against påhoppen – to the audience’s cheers.

– I’m just saying fuck Günther, fuck all misogynist, she said.

Zara Larsson opened Bråvallas third day of the festival biggest stage.

In front of him, she had a vast crowd of hands in the air, behind one day of the attacks.

After an interview with the Daily News, where Zara Larsson criticized the Bråvalla had not some female acts, exploding Internet of näthat the artist.

“Fuck Günther”

Nöjesbladet could then show how “Ding ding dong” -artisten Günther , whose real name is Mats Söderlund, called her “fjortis bride” Facebook and people chose to interpret Zara’s statement that she herself demanded to be the main rate – although criticism from Larsson was quite different.

From the stage she beat on Saturday back against the attacks.

– Bråvalla which audience you are. I’m just saying fuck Günther, fuck all misogynist, you have.

After the gig hailed 17-year-old, both for his appearance and for his statement.

“Want to kiss every single one”

“Zara Larsson’s so fucking queen throughout Bråvalla just died,” “happy that my daughters have a role model like Zara Larsson,” and “never thought that Zara Larsson would fill the biggest stage of Bråvalla, but shit huh well it was !!! “are just some of the roses that twittrades after the gig.

And the artist himself felt nothing but love.

” So Bråvalla. So damn much love will kiss every one of you “tweet Larsson.


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