Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Härenstams final show was filmed – Expressen

Magnus Härenstams last show “Morsning & amp; Goodbye” was filmed in – on two occasions.

Now awaiting a decision on what should be done with the material.

– We have recorded it, but we have to see how it looks, says his friend and producer Vicky von der Lancken.

Among the last Magnus Härenstam did in life was the performance “Morsning & amp; Goodbye. ” After successes at both the Liseberg Hall in Gothenburg and Intima in Stockholm ended the tour at the Oscar Theatre in March.

Now it turns out that two of Härenstams last performances were filmed.

– We have recorded the but we have to see how it looks. We just played in to it. I have not viewed the way it looks, says Vicky von der Lancken , producer and close friend of Magnus Härenstam.

At the same time she says that one of the filmed performances were at Oscarsteatern – that where the last appearance was made.

Now wait a decision on what to do with film material.

– We have no plans for anything yet, says von der Lancken.

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How theaters will pay tribute Härenstam is unclear and, according to von der Lancken are no plans for any celebration yet.

– When Povel Ramel went away I made a tribute, but it was a while after. So right now it’s just attempted to bring in. I think no one bothered to think about it now, ‘said von der Lancken earlier in the week.

SVT has however gone out with how to pay tribute to Magnus Härenstam.

– Above all, we are very keen to highlight the great picture of him, both the talented entertainer and educator that he was, has Sabina Rasiwala , communications director at SVT, previously said about the praise.

Magnus Härenstam went Remove Saturday. The people dear actor was 73 years old.

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