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Magnus Härenstam has brought a long battle against cancer. – Aftonbladet

2003 hit Magnus Härenstam of prostate cancer.

Since then, the people of beloved actor and TV host fought against the disease.

Yesterday he fell asleep surrounded of his family.

Magnus Härenstam has brought a long battle against cancer.

2003 diagnosed ” Five ants are more than four elephants “star with prostate cancer, which he was treated for the same year. Just a few months earlier died Magnus Härenstams wife since 1972, Anita Härenstam , after a few months of struggle against lung cancer.

Magnus Härenstam declared healthy – but his life continued to be lined with health problems.

Magnus Härenstam in the interview: “I’m afraid not to live”

Received a blood clot

2011 hit Magnus Härenstam, then 70, a blood clot that started in one curtain, and then made their way up the lung area.

A year later found the doctor a tumor in Magnus Härenstams spine – the cancer was back .

– The tumor has been detected at a relatively early stage, and everyone hopes is that the treatment will have a positive effect, said Magnus Härenstam then.

The same year he was forced to also set its planned performance “Morsning and goodbye” because of the disease.

Since then, the people beloved actor and TV host undergone a number of chemotherapy treatments and surgeries to eradicate the cancer, or that “illbattingen” as he called it.

felt better

During the period saw Magnus Härenstam out to feel better, and in 2013 he told me that the doctors were “full of confidence”.

But the fall of 2014 began tumor in the spine again to grow and the same year joined Magnus Härenstam through a number of additional operations.

– This can not really say. But I could put the slippers now and say, what a life I had to live. So infinitely rich. I have no fear of dying. Meanwhile, I fear not to live. I want to know how it goes for everything around me, said Magnus Härenstam in an interview with Aftonbladet when he was admitted to Karolinska Hospital.

In an interview in the podcast “lap” he also told about how chemotherapy affected his appearance.

– I’ve got a brand new hairstyle. First went all the hair, then came back in large, bright, white cascades. Curly, which I never had before. I was terrified. I thought looked like Tintin or some crazy German professor, says Magnus Härenstam in the “yard”.

stood on stage in front of the king and queen

In February 2015, Magnus Härenstam so healthy he could stand on stage and carry his show “Morsning and goodbye”. At the premiere there were, among others, Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf.

Parallel to this, he worked Härenstam also with his autobiography of the same name and Adam Dahlin , publishing director of the publishing Forum, working closely together with the TV host during the entire process.

He says that it was important for Magnus Härenstam to complete work on the book and that he constantly had a positive attitude.

– I almost thought he could fool the cancer, that was how I felt, that it does not bite on Härenstam. He had struggled through the past and it felt like he could do it again. It was also his approach.

But finally dried body no more. Yesterday died Magnus Härenstam, 73 years old, surrounded by his family.

– Magnus got quiet and peaceful sleep at home surrounded by us, says his family said in a statement.

month earlier book “Morsning and goodbye” come out.

– I’m very happy that we got out in time, it was important for him, Adam says Dahlin.


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