Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Boys band thunder failure – played for a single person – Aftonbladet

There was no thrill commitment to the East 17′s gig in Dublin. In the audience was just Tom Flynn, reports The Independent.

During the 90′s had the boy band East 17 several hits like “House of Love”, “It’s alright “and” Stay Another Day “. Since 1997 the band has reunited twice, and right now is the East 17 on a tour, but the primary songwriter Tony Mortimer .

Interest in the reunited boy band seems to be quite cool.

This weekend the band played at Dublin’s Academy and, according to The Independent was the venue, which takes 800 people, almost completely empty.

Some 30 people had taken to the gig, but all turned heel when they saw the bad digestion. That is, all except the East 17-Fanet Tom Flynn .

– I made the best of it when I was told I would not get back the money, writes Tom Flynn on Twitter .

Hoped more audience to the last

The band made its debut just over an hour after the appointed time. According to The Sun, which first reported on the fiasco, the delay was due to the band members John Hendy , Terry Coldwell and Robbie Craig was hoping that it would show up more people.

– They looked so ridiculous when they appeared without the crowds. Tony Mortimer and Brian Harvey , who sang on all their big hits is not with the band anymore so you only had the two dancers and a new singer named Robbie Craig said Tom Flynn The Sun.

East 17 play at Lytham in Lancashire Festival August 7.


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