Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lena Olin sommarpratar personal about their grief – Swedish Dagbladet

Lena Olin Photo: Mattias Carter’s / SR

To initiate sommarpratar season needs his woman. Lena Olin, 60, explains eloquently and courageously about grief, eating disorders and love. Her own drama begins when she was five and her brother Per, age 10, dies of cancer around the time that her father Stig gets a stroke and is partially paralyzed. Lena Olin will always be five years how adult she gets, she reveals. Filled with a kind of fear, a fear toward life – but always balanced by crazy humor, an inheritance from the father.

Lena Olin make a strong, personal sommarpratar program where she talks about her hypersensitivity toward life and its acute twists that possibly made the acting profession suits her so perfect. She talks about Ingmar Bergman and Bo Widerberg who came to develop her talent and strength. But she tells mainly about the childhood that shaped her humanism and openness of exclusion, brother Mats are gay, and how she uses her fear that energy.

She dares courageously tell you about its First, the stormy marriage, to portray their concerns and the performing arts as therapeutic process, hopefully, for the audience. She mixes uptempo songs with an open cordiality that impresses. Lena Olin rips star splendor of his career and hanging up his heart on a hook. A strong start in the summer.


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