Monday, June 15, 2015

Bert “and” Sune “to be filmed again – Aftonbladet

“Bert” and “Sune” -skaparna put in a new gear.

There are ambitious plans to make new films based on both figures.

– I want to make an updated Bert the 2020s, says Sören Olsson Nöjesbladet.

Nöjesbladet may reveal the writers Soren Olsson and Anders Jacobson grand plans for the future.

Bert and Sune to be recorded again. Furthermore, there are ambitious plans to take Sune to the stage.

– We are discussing how we should take up Bert again because it’s 30th anniversary in 2017. As we begin to add up plans to make a new awakening Bert in the media, says Soren Olsson Nöjesbladet.

Olsson explains that there are different ways to go. It can become feature films, TV series or a “play” series (web based television series).

– I would like to make an updated Bert the 2020s, where one feels what is especially with Bert. That he is a sincere guy in puberty. The Best of Bert perhaps is to be a pure play product. Because we adapt to the world we live in, says Sören Olsson.

– A biofilm around Christmas is more Sune’s niche, and Bert is more “play” if I dream freely, he said.

Want to find new Bert online

He thinks that the best way to find a future Bert is having auditions online.

The plans about a future “Sune” – trilogy is somewhat vague at the moment. But we target in 2017 or 2018. No production is connected neither to “Sune” or “Bert”.

– We plan to work together three scripts before films played into a sheet. So we think differently than we have done with this trilogy has been. The producers were a little cautious “Sune in Greece” was made, we did not know if this would work or not, says Olsson.

– Maybe the cast completely new. It is not decided. It is not possible to use the same children because they are too old.

What will happen to Bert’s world?

– I think that the world is constantly changing, and you need to bring Bert Ake, Lesser-Erik and Klimpen and all these maniacs in an updated world. As it looks today. We have always tried to reflect the world we live in. The humor lies in Bert’s “point of view”.

Jacobsson and Olsson takes the development of Bert to the next level after the summer of leave.

– I and Anders scouts on the next manuscript that will be the basis for what we build television or movie.

The stage version (which contains some musical elements) by Sune is supposed to be set up in Stockholm already in winter.

– There it is supposed to Morgan Alling and Anja Lundqvist should be involved and play their parents. There is talk about doing it at Cirkus, says Olsson.

“Bert – the last virgin” became feature film in 1995 directed by Tomas Alfredson , and worked as a continuation of the television Series of 1994.


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