Monday, June 29, 2015

Zara Larsson of hatred: “I am incredibly offended” – Aftonbladet

Zara Larsson’s criticism of the gender distribution of Bråvalla met with hatred. Now she hits back against “grown men”.

– The worst thing they know is when young girls are taking place, she says.

It was in an interview with the Daily News as Zara Larsson , 17, facing criticism that Bråvalla had no female acts. The statement got online to boil over with hatred and Zara Larsson both criticized and mocked.

Among other things, “Ding Dong Song” -artisten Günther , whose real name is Mats Söderlund, gone to attack on Zara Larsson while the TV host Sebastian “Sheriff” Larsson at the radio station Bandit Rock urged his colleague to give 17-year-old a gun carriage.

Now Zara Larsson hit back against the haters.

– I really am so unspeakably tired of people to joke to it at my expense. Above all adult men. There are people who do not listen to me without reading something in the newspaper that I do not really have said. Top of their wish list they want anytime someone to rape me, beat me, and often even kill me. In the comment field laughing mates and agree. So, this is every day, writes Zara Larsson on Instagram.

“Most are adult males”

The singer also says that each day she is blocking at least ten people who write serious threats to her or about her.

– There will thus be at least 3650 people a year. Most are, as I said adult men. The worst thing they know, namely, when young girls are taking place, and even worse is it when someone points out the problems in society, problems that in 9 cases out of 10 depend on men. It also ends in 9 of 10 cases that it does not even talked about the rapes and violence against women. It ends with the focus instead be moved to the sin it is about the men who become generalized and how selfish and mean we women are claiming that all male rape.

become influenced by hatred

Zara Larsson also writes that she loves both her boyfriend, his dad, his male friends, their teachers and the male producers she works with. However she hates men in the group.

– Men in groups oppress and threaten and then laugh about it and for me. Maybe even joking it off by saying that “it was just a joke.” I hate the men in the group that silences me and ridicule me. I hate you, because you reduce me every day. And you hate me for pointing this out. I’m damn just a man and I will be incredibly hurt and sad many times.


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