Friday, June 26, 2015

Nick Gordon is accused of abuse of Bobbi Kristina – Aftonbladet

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon is accused of assault and theft from Bobbi Kristina.

This is the same day as her family announced that Bobbi moved to the hospice.

Gordon accused of having caused her “significant bodily injury” in a civil 82.4 million, writes the BBC.

As Aftonbladet wrote on Wednesday has Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown , 22, moved to the hospice, a home for the dying, after been in the medical coma since the end of January.

Now accused her boyfriend Nick Gordon for assault and theft, writes the BBC.

He is accused in a civil case on $ 10 million, approximately 82.4 million crowns, for causing her “substantial bodily harm”.

Assault and Fraud

The legal documents submitted by Bedelia Hargrove as the court designated to Browns good man.

– I filed this lawsuit to pursue justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s behalf. No one, man or woman should have to endure what Bobbi Kristina endured, says Bedelia Hargrove.

In the right case accused Nick Gordon for assault, for causing her emotional distress and to maintain “the deception that he was married with Brown “after she inherited a large sum of money.

Swollen mouth and eliminated dental

In the documents it is stated that Bobbi Kristina Brown to an unnamed person said that Gordon does not was “the man she thought he was,” and the person said they had plans to meet on January 31 to talk about it.

But Bobbi Kristina never came to the meeting. According to the documents before the Court she ended up instead in a loud fight with Gordon ended with her “ended up with his head down in a bathtub, with a swollen mouth and knocked a tooth”.

The documents state that Also, while Brown was in a coma got Gordon to her bank account and stole over 90 000.

Do not commented on the allegations

Gordon has not yet commented on the allegations. On Wednesday evening tweeted he:

“We continue to pray, she has fought hard for so long, do not give up hope.”

Nick Gordon was partly raised by Whitney Houston, and his relationship with Bobbi Kristina became public after the superstar died in 2012.


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