Friday, June 12, 2015

Foo Fighters | Ullevi Stadium, Friday – Göteborgs-Posten

“It’s gonna be a long fucking night!” shouts Dave Grohl, rushing into the scene and fall off it. Tjoff, right on the slopes! But do not you think the man returns? In wheelchair. With his leg in bandages and guitar in her lap. More charged than ever.

It must be the sickest concert opening I’ve seen in my entire life. I. Whole. My. Life.

Born in the USA. Faith and doubt. (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction. See where three fairly good way to open the Ullevi stadium gig. But I wonder if Everlong and Monkey Wrench – where Dave Grohl then fall off the stage, damaging the bone and basically blowing the whole concert before returning in wheelchairs and with the guitar in the knee – is by far the most effective kick start this arena has ever seen . Aww what pressure Dave Grohl whips up in the old concrete pot when he returns and continues playing. With his leg in bandages.

In addition, the Everlong of Foo Fighters most beautiful of songs, on which three weeks ago marked the end for David Letterman’s fabulous career. Letterman could have wished for the band he wanted. He chose the Foo Fighters. For thus he also chose the band’s fierce frontman Dave Grohl – tonight allsångsledare, humble bundle of energy and of Homer and Mr. Burns apologizes, Springfield’s real power.

The former Nirvana drummer is namely a veritable stage manager . The frustration started Ullevi early summer drunk and happy charged large crowd had Dave Grohl fixed in the freezing rain, but of course it is so much easier when the June sun got warm up the revelers crowd. Who also had time to figure out all night when Dave Grohl suddenly steep slopes.

I do not know how much pain he had in his leg when he fell, it looked really nothing nice out, and after four or five songs returned medics to the scene to take care of him.

– I’ll just plastered little! I broke my leg! I’ll be right back, screaming Dave Grohl and rolled out while the band during Taylor Hawkins management kicks off the Rolling Stones old Miss you.

There and then the is really an incredible atmosphere inside Ullevi stadium, and after further a cover (had hoped for a fall and a solution) rolls Grohl zoom back in. Broad smile, easy morphine numbed and with the fresh plaster in place.

– I’m sorry! I’ve got too excited, laughs Dave Grohl, shaking his head and declares that he intends to draw on as much as he can from his wheelchair. And as long as he can.

And when the band kicks off Another one bites the dust and Schools out, “you had apparently graduation today,” one realizes that it is as much humor and love that rock ‘n’ role and the fighting spirit of the air. But it is also an unusual concert that it almost becomes difficult to review.

Congregation rushing forward as an express train, Walk (with the lyrics “I’m learning to walk again”) rumbles properly founded and Grohl heaping on whatever fabric keeps in his wheeled seat, but it lacks the his bull rushes back and forth, his armviftande and läktarhetsande. And the many interruptions interfere course the rhythm of the concert.

Though Dave Grohl really deserve great merit gold medal when he stumbles all the way out to the 40 meter long stage tongue, lift the crutches against the sky and with Chris shiflett on acoustic guitar singing sedate versions of My Hero (to Ullevi paramedics) and Times like these. Suddenly I feel every song strangely apt. As if they were written for just this crazy, beautiful, curling evening.

Foo Fighters album had a tendency to leave me a little empty and disappointed, or that parts of the concert was actually a bit long-winded, feels right uninteresting . When Ullevi visited by a so-tagged and tight band under the leadership of the whole rock industry sweetest dude, well, it’s hard not to be satisfied. For it was really a long fucking night.


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