Monday, June 22, 2015

Time again for Lotta at Liseberg – Gothenburg Post

On Monday evening it is again premiere of Lotta at Liseberg. The evening’s weather forecast promises clouds worry Hosted by Lotta Engberg in the least.

– We must ensure that sing in the summer of properly.

As of today Monday takes Lotta Engberg, the orchestra and the sheer famous guests place at Liseberg main stage every Monday until 19 August. During tonight’s premiere software greet among others Nanne Grönvall and Jon Henrik Fjällgren on.

– I and Nanne know each other since old, so she spends the night with me the night before. It will be fun; when we have time to play off some and tjöta, says Lotta Engberg.

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The seasoned host and sing values ​​are obviously fond of tonight’s Collection guests, and says she is particularly curious about Andreas Moe that she had never seen occur.

– But mostly I long for the audience and to sing in summer . One can not say that the season has thrown up on us so far.

Are you worried about cloud forecast?

– Not at all. Clouds are actually very good singalong weather. Sharp sun or rain is the very worst.

At 20.00 starts the broadcast on TV4. In addition to those already mentioned visit Mia Skäringer, Mariette and Brolle values ​​Lotta Engberg at Liseberg.

Other guests expected during the season including Jessica Andersson (29 June), Kristin Amparo (6 July) Ace Wilder (27 July), Hasse Andersson (3 August) and Tomas von Brömssen (10 August).


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