Monday, June 29, 2015

Lotta at Liseberg | Monday – Göteborgs-Posten


Lotta at Liseberg | Monday

Public: Big, bigger than the the premiere. However, the weather is also something more reliable.

Best: If I previously (and still) put me hesitant to several of the musical guests the quality and impact, I must take this opportunity to plussa when it fits: Albin & amp; DMA is perfect in this context. Folk but also modern, something also evident in audience response.

Worst: Charlie McGettigan can really sing, where if there is no doubt. Unfortunately, he manages, with the wrong song choice, almost always feel out of place. So also in the evening.

Intro Contest, the best songs and relaxed atmosphere is the thing that other Lotta-night of the season.

I do not know how many of you who pay extra to see Lotta at Liseberg without commercial breaks online, but probably you are not very numerous. I will not recommend you to throw money straight into Mammon’s mouth, but you miss virtually anything. So come to Liseberg next Monday in order to experience what is sometimes (this evening, absolutely!) Is better entertainment than the main broadcast.

The first commercial break running Lotta and band intro competition with the audience, a kind of live karaoke where I repeatedly impressed by how brave, spontaneous and lovely audience at Liseberg actually is. They rise like lightning and sings ago That’s life or when we dig gold in the US for full throat. With the face of a happy smile. TV4, you have a spin-off here, it takes you right? Close the perfect program concepts.

In the commercial breaks, we also hear Jessica Andersson and Albin & amp; DMA run significantly better and more popular songs than during the broadcast, and yes, you got it. It is at Liseberg, you’ll be next week, not at home in your living room.

There, you get the only hear Uno Svenningson without voice, Charlie McGettigan without sensible songs and some proper lengthy interviews that neither say boo or Ba.


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