Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rebuke Presented by a little old man from Orsa – Swedish Dagbladet

Moraeus. Photo: Photo: Mattias Ahlm

“Sometimes when loneliness sets its claws in me … “said Moraeus and it tips the ears,” … so I can sit quietly on the couch and say that I still have a very good life. “And in that spirit going throughout his sommarprat.

It’s hard to dislike Moraeus. To be ultra celebrity, he is by all accounts a down to earth man. He shed the kind småtorra comments uncles make family celebrations. He seems nice. He works extra in the kitchen at a lunch restaurant in Uddevalla.

Unfortunately, none of this is any guarantee of particular interest provoking radio.

The introduction warns Moraeus to he has chosen music which require active listening. At times, it is true, as in Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” or “Sáhpán” Krister Stoor. However, he mixes it up with things that Lisa Miskovskys “Lady Stardust” and Terry Jacks’ Seasons in the sun “, worn-dozen songs that most will accompany various anecdotes.

In the same spirit, he explains that he does not think” write as much opinions on your noses, but more like some musings about life. ” Then we spotting the lines of that it is important to stay up sometimes, that you will be lucky to have good friends, and that we should take the opportunity to enjoy the summer. The few times it burns to become state mode for real, change Moraeus substance or say: “No, now it becomes a little too big questions for a little old man from Orsa.”


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