Sunday, June 14, 2015

Magnus Stråberg: “A great guy” – Expressen

Yesterday died Magnus Härenstam in the wake of their cancer.

He was 73 years.

His passing has touched many.

– Anyone got a chance to work with him loved him. He was an amazing guy, says Härenstams PR manager Magnus Stråberg.

Magnus Härenstam could have many strings to his bow in his lifetime.

Generations child was shaped by the children’s program Five ants are more than four elephants, which Härenstam participated. For several years he was the host, and the face, for Jeopardy.

In addition, he starred in a number of movies and variety shows.

But yesterday killed the people of beloved actor in his home.

“A shock”

His press contact for several years, Magnus Stråberg, received death news of a friend.

– The phone rang, it was someone in Friendship circuit . It was obviously a shock. Although it was expected, it was a shock, he said.

– I must collect myself a little, he continues, noticeably affected.

Magnus Stråberg says he began working with Härenstam around 2004 when Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström reunited in the show Muntergökarna.

– He was amazing to work with. Everyone who had a chance to work with him loved him. He was an amazing guy. One of the very nicest and funniest I have ever met.

Avicii: “Rip”

The last year was Magnus Straw’s relationship with Magnus Härenstam most professional. They talked not so much about the disease.

– But all of us who were close knew his fight was with. Sometimes he got set ideas and so. I was probably as close to him as you can be when one is press officer for an artist.

On social media are also many who express their grief over Härenstams death. Avicii has put out a picture of a young Härenstam followed by “RIP :(” on its Instagramkonto.

Jesper Parnevik tweet: “English legend, Magnus Härenstam HAS passed. He gave kids and adults so many laughs throughout His Life. RIP Magnus … “


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