Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kent ‘love’ crowd – mjo, look at the script again – Aftonbladet

Norrköping. Kent goes up on stage and plays 14 tunes.

Much more happens unfortunately not.

It is quite ok.

Even the good, sometimes.

The versions of “La Belle Epoque” , “999″ and parts of “Everything has its time” burns perhaps more than most I’ve seen on the biggest stages over three days.

But to be the only Swedish gig in summer feels concert either exclusive or exciting.

Kent effort not directly to create a unique experience, something unexpected, a night that fans can babble on for months. It feels rather as if the band met and plitat down the setlist with the left hand. Minimum effort for maximum salary, type.

What they earned per minute in the evening? Probably more than you.

This show probably means nothing. Kent has nothing to prove and no new album to sell. They do not need a frame to show or present the songs in a new way.

Jocke Berg has never been the flaming mellansnackens chief matador. But when he was like this laconic last?

“Here’s another song with the title consists of three digits. 747th”


“We love you.”

Sure. Look at the script again, and try again with a little more empathy.

And when he reveals that Kent will be recording a new album in the fall, it sounds like a sigh. Peppen, this cursed buzzword, does not seem great.

The color of course off on the rest of the concert.

Should “747″ and “Man in the white hat (16 years later) “really be two dutiful and low intensity numbers in the crowd? Should “Without Your Love” just amble on? When the band wants something, when they are in form and chewing barbed wire and never shifts down, usually the same songs beat the spirit out of your body.

To have an approved day at work tend to be a term of abuse for artists, despite the stage just their job. Routine is part of the craft.

But this was Kent chance to really go in and deliver the festival after festival knock knock. How many others have equal and folkära hits like almost all standing and watching can not work? But instead, they choose to express – “The other side”.

If there is a thought of setlist noticeable not.

Kent have a minimum level that enables them to get away with being unimaginative. It works anyway.

But how many will remember this for a week? Or tomorrow?

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