Sunday, June 28, 2015

Team Mannheimer-Apelgren balances excellent – Expressen

When I almost managed had moved to Stockholm for nearly twenty years ago but had jobs (and love) remains in Småland, there was much back and forth in the car.

I drove the rally.

Thus, I made several trips so that I could hear ” Rally “on the radio.

I loved the nineties humor programs in P3, fell in love” Weather-Annika ” and Leif “Lotus” Olsson – like Anna Mannheimer and peter apelgren fell in love when they were working with the program.

Now we’re in their bedroom, which is where summer is recorded, and the bicker marriage.

The couple compare childhoods and class. While Mannheimer grew up in a nifty family of Olof Palme, the dinner and the sailboat “andungen” knödde Apelgrenarna himself ten people (including “Thick-Anders”) in a tent that smelled hundmun.

When Anna accidentally sneezed and it will snatch the microphone, shouting Peter: “Damn what disgusting you are,” and Anna counters by saying that Peter calls his penis Tord and that her husband’s penis at home is treated like a dog (“Down”, “not jump the couch “).

It is easy to think of” cheating “.

The two radio foxes are rap and fun.

But then, stuck laughter neck.

peter apelgren just very funny kåserat of grandmother Gerd that during one of those camping holidays threatened to drown himself, but had to give up when it was too shallow, when the story slips over the electroshock, sensory hospital his own depression that lowered him after “On track” -segern 2011.

Anna Mannheimer tells of mother Carin’s last breath, hospice last summer.

– Do you know what happened ? she asks her husband (and us).

– Nothing.

No butterfly that fluttered by, no small bird on the windowsill, table fan just quickly put to buzz.

It could have been becoming sticky and otajmat but the team Mannheimer-Apelgren balances excellent.


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