Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leif Mannerström blown 140 000 – Aftonbladet

Celebrity chef Leif Mannerström, 75 guested at the restaurant Statt in Örnsköldsvik.

Shortly thereafter was declared tavern bankrupt – and Mannerström’s salary went up in smoke.

– I can ignore money, but where do you just do not, he says to Allehanda.se.

It was in March this year Leif Mannerström , known from “The Swedish master chef” in TV4, stepping in as guest chef at Statt in Örnsköldsvik. According Mannerström himself was guest appearance a success, and resulted in the restaurant sold for more than 340 000.

– It was knökfullt around the tables, and there is nothing to pretend that it is largely due to I was there, he says to Allehanda.se.

But when he would get paid for the effort it became a problem. Two months after Mannerheim’s understudy went Statt’s restaurant bankrupt. Now he mightily disappointed innkeepers.

“You take from their own pockets”

– They must have been insolvent when I was there. I can not imagine that they had no idea where it was coming for them. Things like where assholes will not get to play restaurant. Now it is I who have to pay everything, he says.

75 000 he received for it. But the money does he do without, claim Mannerström. Instead, he is more upset at how the owners handled the money problems.

– If you can afford with cigar and holding on and drinking fine wines in small enclosed spaces, then you should also be able to pay their bills. There is not jack in the company so it takes out of his own pocket, he says and continues:

– The bastards blew me at 140 000.

Is outspoken

Mannerström is known for his outspokenness in all sorts of contexts. Last year he ended up in trouble when he said that the discussion about sexual harassment in the restaurant business is excessive.

– I have never experienced sexual harassment by a large, serious problem. The tone of the industry is tough but cordial, there is a sense of humor not to take seriously, he said to Aftonbladet.

For Allehanda.se says Statt’s bankruptcy that they do not have any comments Leif Manner’s gambit.


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