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Härenstams joke on his tombstone with the Brasse Brännström – Express

Magnus Härenstam was not afraid of death.

Dear friend Brasse Brännström, he could even joke about his tombstone.

– Brasse said: “it should say ‘He did anyway Five ants are more than four elephants” and then said Magnus, “then I can lie next and it says ‘… I too,’” says Petter Karlsson, author Härenstams autobiography.

Yesterday died Magnus Härenstam in his home after a long battle with cancer. Just a few weeks ago released Magnus Härenstam his memoirs, which Petter Karlsson helped him to write.

They often talked about death.

– We talked about death as a part of the book . Almost exactly a year ago we met the Brazilian in what proved to be his last interview. Then I was hit, and Magnus Brasse at a hotel in Stockholm and it was two fantastic hours where the two guys, old friends, almost reunited, says Petter Karlsson.

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He says that Magnus Härenstam was very keen that Brasse Brännström, who died last August, would accept that he wrote a book.

– He felt so incredibly grateful for Brasse. Magnus was the first to say that it was thanks to Brasse that I am who I am, without him I would not be as well known or trusted loved one if not Brasse had existed. And Brasse had the same opinion about Magnus, says Petter Karlsson and adds:

– He had no belief that it would live on in some form, more than on DVD, he said.

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He says that Magnus Härenstam was never afraid of death, and at one point he and Brasse Brännström joke about what it would stand on their tombstones.

– Brasse said that “it should say ‘He did at least five ants are more than four elephants”. Then Magnus said: “Then I can lie next to and then it can stand on my tombstone ‘… I also.’” There he was as pleased with, says Petter Karlsson.

Magnus Härenstam was 73 years.

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