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Suzanne Osten: The team is of Swedish most beautiful word – Swedish Dagbladet

Suzanne Osten. Photo: Staffan Löwstedt

The team – ensemble, group, run, collective, process other words, the unfolding of the word. With my experience in leading theater and film recordings and carry out teaching in large groups, I see the team as a context in which man’s greatest ability, to cooperate, can develop and lead to tolerance.

Is there a word that evokes the image of a row? No, more a cluster, a ring in depth, a throng of individuals, each with a story that wants something together. Go in a certain direction. For a target. But not always straight forward – someone has probably put out a map.

The script girl Stina Klemming said to me in 1987 stayed. I would make my second film and we talked’s work and the film crew.

– When it says’ A film by X “is the direct fault. It mirrors a myth of filmmaking as a result of one person … The director is the one in the team, the film is the result of so many different abled, said Stina.

Stina Klemming continued the Script and then directing. She could see and manage.

In sports terms of ability to interact and exercise ideas and the history of different skills, the team, we like it that shines like a star of unforgettable moments. We can pay tribute to the representative of our idea and manages to shine for all of us. We are inspired. The team gives us a place. Being one of the game where everyone counts can be one of the most beautiful to experience. To have its place, turn their part in a story.

But man fear being rejected, not being good enough to be replaced, is there. The blackest is to be ejected. The fear of being unneeded deeply biological. To be replaced by someone else on the team chasing further’re a real horror. It’s about survival. The team evokes longing and belonging.

At the theater’s team “ensemble”, consisting of many different personalities on and off the stage. They seem to be in a common narrative – combined they give us in the audience the opportunity to reflect in our own deep differences.

The team is the result of collaboration with a purpose.

The market looks enough film the story as a mere product. Never as the result of a team effort. A director can become brand. How to sell this film, what can we sell? The best are a star! The media interest in most of the individual faces in the product / the movie.

The audience can look for the team by looking for the director / choreographer / conductor, which may be recognized in the hen carries a seamless team, that is, conveys a world, a specific view of humanity, which brings together some artists to a seemingly cooperative public.

Stina Klemming, the script girl (my mother Gerd wrote film criticism began as a script girl) wanted to learn, the young director, the fascination with team. Stina was unusual in the late 1980s, film production model – she wanted to teach the team ethic. She burned the art of film and felt that what we managed to create was the team’s joint work, not the product. Behind the team’s phenomenal force is the process of work. A certain kind of power and idékedja puts input each of the common energy, which all relate to as a kind of collective consciously That Way .

Many completely different ideas can accomplish this action. In an open process allowed much happening, creative chaos can be conquered and ineffective moments without apparent meaning, conflicts and irrational events can be taken care of and enrich the team at forward run.

When the team joint moves, it looks like a seamless arrangement. For those of us involved, it becomes sensual. The luckiest team managed to believe in their chance to take home the game. We usually have to rein in the dark force, the fear, which can get everything we built up the team to fall apart like a house of cards. What a team has built up can quickly be torn down, killed and intimidated away and dissolve.

Also an army may be a close-knit team in motion with the task to destroy, to annihilate others more, but weaker voices.

To not qualify in the team, being replaced is concern. But you can leave a team and form a new one with new members and play new games.

The word team is physically collectively. Beautifully. Frightening?

I taught once on a stage school – this was long before the modern Bologna model introduced and that has meant that the art schools have requirements for more theorizing and reflective teaching. With a graduating class actors dramatized together we successfully a play based on an ingenious book, “Class 6D Sweden, World” by Siv Widerberg. It is about a school class who become a team, and was a success.

The evaluation that my teaching colleagues did then was that the play was hiding the shortcomings of the acting students. The teachers were there to develop the students and make them aware of their shortcomings, but these were all good. A coach would probably have replied: “This is my job, the team removes the deficiency.” But in the school’s history of knowledge – not just in the performing arts – are we obsessed with individual shortcomings.

Working with Law requires expertise. I therefore came to train me to Gestalt therapist. Being a team is demanding and leaders coming from the top should have more knowledge about this. It’s tough to be part of different teams with different hierarchies – be it the concept of the status.

Another beautiful word.

Suzanne Osten

Suzanne Osten is a director and was for many years the artistic director of Unga Klara.


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