Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Avicii threatened by a British tabloid – Göteborgs-Posten

The British newspaper the Daily Star did not appreciate Aviciis condescending twitter comment. About the Swedish DJ star does not remove aggression against threatened him with legal consequences.

Two weeks ago published the Daily Star an interview with Avicii which readers get the impression of the Swedish DJ star diss Madonna.

In the literal translations entitled “Madonna destroyed my song: Avicii beats down on pop music queen” more than hinted that Tim Berg Ling, who Avicii real name, like Madonna was difficult to work with and that his own demo sounded better than Madonna’s final results.

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Either Avicii got cold feet and regret his statement or the reporter who Avicii claims, romanced everything together and put words in his mouth. Whatever answered Avicii interview with a scathing comment on Twitter and Instagram.

“Thanks to your felciteringar and an interview completely taken out of context, I will never talk to you again. Ps: What a slimy, silly f ** take you, my friend. “

Now Daily Stars lawyers contacted Aviciis management and asked that the comment will be deleted. It has damaged the reporter’s reputation and furthermore led to him being threatened by Aviciis fans. If the comment is not removed refers newspaper to proceed legally.

Aviciis answer? Instead to remove the comment he posted the letter from the Daily Star on Instagram and calls it “the most hypocritical emails I have ever received.”

The dispute is likely to continue.

Footnote : Daily Star has retrospectively changed the title and made corrections in the article on their site.


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