Monday, June 22, 2015

IG guy who met President – Sydsvenskan

Dad said: unzip bag, we’ll go to Poland. Only when they approached Krakow understood Siavosh Derakhti that the car was on the way to Auschwitz. In the parking lot turned father to him and said he fled to Sweden for his son to grow up and take democracy for granted.

Siavosh Derakhtis summer program is a childhood narrative, afterwards a success story. The story of the guy from Malmo to all IG who got the first Wallenberg Prize and got to say hello to Obama. Some guy who finally made the mother economist and father microbiologist proud. “What should I get? I have only been running around the schoolyard and said that I should be the new Zlatan” he thinks in ninth grade. A few years later spelled the turning point: a project. He sews a school trip to Auschwitz, his humanistic work begins.


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